Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Our award-winning range of heating mats are simple and trouble-free to install. They offer a fast acting system for everything from a small bathroom or a large conservatory and are perfect for use beneath tile or stone floors.

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Electric Underfloor Heating Cables

Our undertile heating cable provides you with the flexibility to install electric underfloor heating whatever your room shape or size. Our system offers a fast warm up time, and in-screed heating cables are also available for larger projects. 

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Underlaminate Floor Heating Systems

Heat Mat's Underlaminate System is made in the UK and is the perfect fast-to-fit solution for use beneath floating laminate and engineered wood floors. It features a fully earthed conductor wire for safety, an aluminium heat dissipation layer to ensure an evenly heated floor and there is no need to install a vapour barrier required by most other systems.

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Heat Mat Mirror Demisters

Our Mirror Demister system keeps bathroom mirrors condensation free after bathing or showering. Mirror Demisters are ideal for hotel rooms, new build bathrooms or refurbishment projects and available in a large range of sizes. 

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Electric Underfloor Heating
Insulation Board

Our UK Made thermal Underfloor Heating Insulation boards are ideal for insulating your floor and boosting the warm up time and efficency of your heating system. They are perfect for use beneath tiled floors and are especially suitable for use in cold rooms such as conservatories.

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Stylish underfloor heating thermostats to suit every wall

The thermostat is the only part of your under floor heating system that you are going to see once the new floor has gone down. Only Heat Mat's thermostats are available in such a wide range of colours.

Don’t let winter leave you cold

Protect your home or business from winter damage caused by sustained or severe cold-snaps.

  • Prevent cracked pipes and frozen condensate pipes
  • Free driveways from ice and snow, preventing accidents
  • Stop gutters and roofs being damaged by ice or snow build-up

Underfloor Heating Specialists

No matter what kind of flooring you have there is almost certainly a Heat Mat underfloor heating system fit for your purpose. Regardless of whether you are a DIY fanatic or an advocate of the “get-someone-in” approach, it is remarkably easy to achieve a beautiful warm floor whatever your floor covering.

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Heat Mat Lifetime Warranty

Heat Mat
Lifetime Warranty

Heat Mat’s Lifetime Warranty covers your heating mats, cables or underlaminate systems

Winter solutions... 
Ice and Snow Systems

Ice and Snow melting systems
for a wide range of applications.

Protect your…

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Easy to install

Installing a Heat Mat underfloor heating system is simple and we are here to help every step of the way.

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    Easy on the pocket

    Learn how Heat Mat can save you money on your underfloor heating.

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    Easier on the environment 

    Underfloor heating can provide a green solution especially when powered by renewable energy sources. 

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