Thermographic Comparison between Carbon Film and Heat Mat’s Underlaminate System

Thermographic tests on carbon film and the 130W Underlaminate system

During our product development work on Heat Mat's revolutionary Underlaminate Heating System we worked hard to ensure that the finished product would heat the floor above it as evenly as possible, reducing the risk of any movement within the floor itself.

A number of the design elements of the system are particularly beneficial to achieving this aim including the closely spaced low wattage heating cable and the aluminium heat dissipation layer which is designed purely to spread the heat from each wire, rather than also having to act as an earthing shield. The result is an incredibly even spread of heat over the entire floor which prevents 'hot spots' or unheated areas.

Recent thermographic testing has shown that Heat Mat's underfloor heating system warms the floor more evenly than standard carbon films or heating ribbons with a much smaller temperature span between the warmest and coolest floor areas, as can be seen in the images below: The cool vertical line in the centre of the image on the left is a result of the carbon panels not incorporating heating elements along their edges, and the cooler horizontal lines are caused by the sheets 'cutting guides' which are printed into the carbon sheets. The right hand image demonstrates how evenly Heat Mat's system warms a floor and how effectively the aluminium heat dissipation layer and foil tape work to ensure an exceptionally even spread of heat. In addition to the even spread of heat provided by Heat Mat's underlaminate floor heating the product is also fully earthed and suitably IP rated for safe use in bathrooms and other wet areas without any requirement for earthing grids or moisture barriers.

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The comparative images shown above were taken in test beds in a room with an ambient temperature set at 10oC and both systems were run without limitation for 30 minutes. The systems were placed onto standard 6mm Decora insulation and the floor above was a quality 16mm laminate floor. The areas shown are directly comparable and all measurements were taken with a calibrated Flir thermal camera by an independent expert. Both systems were installed to manufacturers recommendations. The Carbon film was rated at 130W/m2 and the Heat Mat system at 140W/m2.


Comparing carbon film with the 130W Underlamiate system