Underfloor Heating Thermostats – Interior Design to Suit Every Room

Imagine the idea of designing your room, exactly as you wish, and being able to have consistency right down to the colour of the underfloor heating controls that you buy.

Well why shouldn't you? If you can choose the colour and design of wall and floor coverings, light switches and sockets, fabrics and accessories, why should you then be limited to installing a room thermostat that stands out garishly from your chosen design? Underfloor heating is now a popular concept, allowing you to free up wall space and to heat your room without the need for large intrusive radiators or storage heaters. Until now the thermostats that control the underfloor heating systems have often been large, bland and ugly objects, spoiling the finish of many beautiful rooms.

Premium Aluminium, Chrome and Brass Thermostats

With Heat Mat's new range of premium thermostats, you can have a beautiful room with underfloor heating controls to match! There are more than 40 colour options and finishes, including chrome, brushed aluminium, brass, glass, Perspex and even wood. The thermostats are beautiful in design yet completely functional and provide a quality, stylish finishing touch to any room design.

Quality Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Manufactured in Denmark by OJ Electronics, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of controls for electric underfloor heating, you can be sure of world class design innovation and quality.  The thermostats have been jointly designed between OJ and Heat Mat and our exclusive NGT thermostat is fully BEAB approved and supplied with a 3 Year Warranty.  Heat Mat has used its extensive knowledge of customers and installers requirements to create thermostats that are intuitive and simple to install and operate, whilst still offering many invaluable features. In addition to the beautiful design, the thermostats feature sensors to measure both the air and floor temperature, and they contain a built in energy monitor to show you the exact cost of running your system.  With these unique features would you really want to use any other underfloor heating controller?