Underfloor heating for some unusual customers

Although Heat Mat's main business is supplying electric underfloor heating to be installed in homes and offices, we often get asked to supply heating solutions for more unusual situations.

After installing underfloor heating for meerkats,  and supplying the underfloor heating system for Cheetah Rock at Whipsnade Zoo, we were delighted to be asked to help out at Dartmoor Zoological Park.

Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique, family owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals from big cats and bears to reptiles and bugs.  For some of the south-American animals such as Capybara and Tapir, the UK winters can prove particularly cold, and Heat Mat has been asked to help provide the underfloor heating systemsfor the huts where these animals bed down for the night. We have just carried out a site visit, where we got the chance to meet the Tapir up close and discuss with the keepers their exact requirements.  We are now working on finding the best solution to provide these amazing animals with a luxurious warm floor throughout the winter, and the capybara are already being lined up as the next guests of the zoo to have floor heating. We are hoping to install thermal insulation boards to ensure the system is energy efficient, with a high powered heating mat above this to provide instant heat whatever the weather.  Our underfloor  heating system is particularly suitable for this scenario as it is robust and fully earthed for safety, ensuring that there is no way the animals could harm themselves. The next test is to create a Tapir friendly thermostat! 

underfloor heating for animals