Condensate pipes are the must buy this Summer!

It may be summer now, but our customers are still thinking of winter!

Although this spring has been one of the warmest on record, the last three winters have all experienced prolonged cold spells leading to many condensate boilers experiencing problems with frozen pipes. As part of their energy efficient process, condensation boilers produce a liquid which has to run through a pipe into a drain, and in many cases this pipe is installed on the outside wall of a building.  Unfortunately, in prolonged cold temperatures, frozen pipes can occur even when the pipe is fully insulated.

Once the pipe is frozen the boiler will stop working, and often the acidic liquid will back up and drip into the property. Using our sister company Heatcom's knowledge of dealing with Scandinavian winters, Heat Mat and Heatcom have worked together to develop a number of products specifically designed to preventing condensate pipes and water pipes from freezing up.  During the 2010/11 winter period we experienced unprecedented demand for these, but we expected this to tail off as we reached the spring and everything started to thaw out. The same demand has been noticed for our underfloor heating systems What our customers are actually experiencing though is continued demand for these condensate pipe systems throughout the spring and summer, as home owners and companies are looking ahead and want to protect their properties for the coming winter.

So, whilst many electricians are being asked to fit fans and air conditioning units to cope with the heat, there are also a significant number of installers fitting Heat Mat's freeze protection systems to water and condensate pipes, ready for the winter to come.