Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is easy to install, economical to run and is environmentally friendlier than many alternatives, reducing heating bills and it is increasingly becoming recognised as a great energy efficiency measure. The ease of installation of Heat Mat underfloor heating is one of the major benefits of it and each room uses its own thermostat/timer which monitors the floor and air temperature to ensure your room is always exactly the temperature that you require. This allows superior control to a radiator system where you usually have one central thermostat/timer backed up by basic thermostats on each radiator. With a suitable underfloor heating system installed, there is no need for radiators, thereby saving valuable wall space which can be at a premium in small properties. Heat Mat systems can be installed when laying new carpets or even wooden floors, as there are systems suitable for nearly all floor coverings, however, system efficiency may be compromised when using particularly thick laminate or carpets. 

Electric underfloor heating provides the best results when used beneath tiled or stone floors, as these transmit heat to your room very quickly. It is always best to install suitable insulation materials directly beneath underfloor heating as these help provide maximum efficiency and minimise heat loss through the ground. Heat Mat underfloor heating provides a constant heat output which is spread over the whole floor area, and is thermostatically controlled in each room. It is recommended that underfloor heating systems are not fitted below refrigerators, freezers or food cupboards as they will needlessly heat the areas above them. Heat Mat underfloor heating can also increase the value of your home and when an energy report is produced, the system and its insulation may be taken into account as an energy efficiency measure.

Our underfloor heating insulation is economical as it can significantly reduce the amount of energy lost in a home. Solid concrete floors are one of the key reasons for heat loss in British homes. The installation of insulation not only increases energy efficiency, but it can also prevent damp problems which can emerge from condensation. When fitting Heat Mat underfloor heating, it is recommended that you also review the insulation of the entire property for maximum benefit.