110W Heating Mats for Energy Efficient Homes Now Available

We have introduced 110W/m2 underfloor heating mats.

The new 110W/m2 electric underfloor heating mats are ideally suited to well-insulated properties, including developments following the code for sustainable homes or projects aiming for passivhaus standard, or situations where a lower power output is required. 110W/m2 underfloor heating systems can be used under a variety of floor coverings and also benefit from being less susceptible to thermal blocks as they do not have the capacity to overheat so easily due to their lower output. The 110W mats are suited to developments where a low loading is only available onsite. The range is manufactured in Denmark and the heating mat is constructed from a flouropolymer insulated ultra-thin cable attached to a fibreglass mesh for speedy installation. 110W/m2 underfloor heating mats are a cost effective option, priced at less than the 160W/m2 range and require a lower power supply on site making them suitable for energy-efficient construction and new-build developments. If used with the intelligent NGT programmable thermostat to monitor energy consumption, the system will provide an economical heating solution. The 110W mats are currently available to order from a distributor. For more information contact us. If heat loss calculations or output requirements are supplied Heat Mat will advise on the best system for the project and offer free-of-charge specification services and technical support.