High Powered Underfloor Heating Mats

The last decade has seen the move away from low powered electric underfloor heating to fast reacting and more energy efficient systems.  Heat Mat's most popular undertile heating range is our 200W/sqm heating mat range which we first introduced in 2004, when the 'average' system on the market was only 100W/sqm.

High Powered underfloor heating
An example of one of our high powered heating mats

High powered underfloor heating systems react much faster than less powerful alternatives, which makes them idea for rooms which are used infrequently and need a fast warm up time.  Conservatories are a common example of this; you may decide to have dinner in the conservatory one evening, but the heating has not been on during the day and the room is cold.  In these circumstances a system which can heat the room in half an hour is a real benefit and a 200W/sqm system installed onto Heat Mat thermal insulation boards is perfect for the job.  

So, the two questions we often get asked after discussing the points above are "Why don't you make a more powerful system?" and "Why would anyone install a system less powerful than 200W/sqm?". In answer to the first question; we do not offer systems above 200W/sqm because they are only slightly quicker in their warm up time but cost more to manufacture, and if someone covers the floor in something that does not let the heat through (such as a rug, or a pile of newspapers) the floor can become far too hot. In answer to the second question; people are often very happy with the reaction time of a 160W/sqm system, and don't see the need to pay slightly more for the more powerful option.  Additionally, the 160W/sqm heating mats require less Amps to run them, meaning they are more suitable for conditions where you have a limited electricity supply.  Heat Mat's 160W/sqm heating mats are also suitable to be laid directly onto wooden or ply board surfaces, whereas the 200W/sqm mats require a thin skim of tile adhesive beneath them to protect the wood. So, will Heat Mat ever produce a 300W/sqm heating mat?  Definitely not!  And we will ever offer 100W/sqm heating mats in the UK again?  Probably not.  We currently offer them in Scandinavia (where home insulation is much better so they require a less powerful underfloor heating system) but in the UK our 160W/sqm systems always seem to be a better bet.  In the UK 100W/sqm mats will remain a special order item.