Electric Under Floor Heating Cable

5 benefits of electric underfloor heating

There are plenty of benefits to installing electric underfloor heating from adding value to property to a cosy conservatory floor. Here are a few of our top reasons to choose underfloor heating:

1. Electric underfloor heating is easy to install

Unlike wet systems electric underfloor heating can be retrofitted into properties and fitted in a short space of time.

Loose cable and heating mat systems are flexible and can be laid around obstacles or in areas where extra heat is required. There is no need to run them under kitchen units or a the cupboard beneath a bathroom sink.

2. It can be retrofitted into homes as part of renovation projects

A new subfloor is not required unlike wet systems.

Heating mats or cables should be fitted onto a base of insulation to encourage the heat to rise upwards. This insulation is fitted onto a flat base such as stable floorboards or a screed bed. The heating system is then covered with the desired flooring and associated fixings e.g. tile adhesive. A qualified electrician then installs your chosen thermostat and makes the connection to the mains electricity supply.

Underfloor heating is also laid at ground level and causes no obstructions within a room so furniture can be placed against any wall.

3. It spreads heat consistently as warm air rises from the entire surface

The cables conduct heat outwards, dissipating it evenly around their surface. The heat gradually rises up through the floor covering and disperses into the room providing a comfortable, uniform heat spread.

4. It minimises dust and allergens

Underfloor heating prevents dust circulating unlike radiators.
Radiators use convection to heat the room circulating warm air causing dust to be dispersed too, underfloor heating prevents dust being circulated into the space.

5. Heat Mat systems are maintenance free

Once a system is fitted there are no ongoing upkeep costs. Our systems are supplied with Lifetime Warranties.

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