The Future of Heating

Low-carbon Heating

The UK Government is considering how the heating of our homes needs to change to enable us to meet our vital climate obligations. Around 15% of the UK’s Co2 emissions currently come from residential gas boilers, and there is no place for these in the low-carbon economy of the future.

New-build properties with their extraordinarily high levels of insulation have a wide variety of low-carbon heating options. However, 55% of the UK’s residential properties were built before 1965, and the vast majority of these cannot be sufficiently insulated for heat pumps to be an option. It is thought that, with restricted hydrogen supplies, only around 10% of the UK’s houses could be switched over to hydrogen boilers in the future. This leaves at least 40% of the UK’s housing stock requiring an alternative heating solution.

Electric underfloor heating is uniquely placed to fill that gap and help fight climate change, offering a zero-carbon heating system that can be installed directly onto thin-sheet insulation for added efficiency. Add in a design life of well over 50 years, with no servicing or replacement parts required, and the whole life ‘carbon cost’ of the systems is hard to beat.

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