Electric Under Floor Heating


Underfloor heating is a luxurious addition to any home and it costs less than you think.

Heat Mat underfloor heating is a reliable and energy efficient source of floor warming or an ideal choice for whole house heating. Our systems are covered by Lifetime or Extended warranty and manufactured in Europe.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

  • Easy-to-install as part of renovation or retrofit work
  • A cheaper option to install than central heating, with a lower initial investment
  • Suitable for properties without a gas supply
  • Compatible with renewable energy sources
  • No need for radiators - freeing up wall space
  • A hygienic choice minimising dust and dust mites for allergy sufferers
  • Can be used to supplement central heating
  • A luxurious addition to any home and a 'selling point' adding value to your property.


Although Heat Mat underfloor heating is easy to install, we recommend underfloor heating is fitted and tested by a qualified electrical engineer.

We run installer training sessions, to find a Heat Mat trained installer search our map or call us on 01444 247020.

Our technical team can answer any questions you may have or make recommendations on which system to use. We offer full support and are happy to explain more about electric underfloor heating. Call us on 01444 247020.

Our products can be purchased from electrical wholesalers, tile, and bathroom retailers. For details of where to purchase please contact us.