Our bedrooms are the most important rooms in our houses where we spend around a third of our time. Electric underfloor heating systems can transform them into the cosiest spaces in your home with gentle controllable warmth helping you to get the perfect night's sleep.
What are the main benefits of electric underfloor heating in your bedroom?

  • The hidden heating system allows you to place your furniture and bed wherever you desire without the restrictions that radiators impose. The warmth produced helps create a cosy and comfortable environment conducive to a good night's sleep.
  • Many people prefer a warm bedroom when they get into bed with the temperature falling lower overnight, before warming up again in the morning. Our intelligent controllers allow you to set your system up just how you would like it, ensuring the perfect temperature all night long.
  • The gentle heat the underfloor heating provides minimises air movement and thus prevents draughts helping to create a low dust and allergen environment. By distributing the warmth around the room, underfloor heating avoids the excessive radiant heat that radiators can create, where sometimes one side of a bedroom becomes too hot while the other is chilly.
  • With their nearly 100% efficiency and fast heating time, each of our electric underfloor heating ranges operates at a lower temperature than a conventional heating system, which helps to reduce energy usage and therefore the costs of heating your bedroom. Most Heat Mat systems are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty and they are sure to outlast the floor covering above them.


What else should you consider when heating your bedroom?

  • Bedrooms are often kept at a slightly lower temperature than other rooms in the house so usually there is no requirement to use a high output heating system; 150W/160W will nearly always be sufficient.
  • Electric underfloor heating is perfect for spare bedrooms that are infrequently used and offers an energy saving heating system in these cases. The intelligent controller can be set to a lower target temperature or even frost protection mode while the room is unoccupied saving energy and money. When the bedroom needs to be used, the ultra-fast heating up time of electric underfloor heating ensures it is only a matter of minutes until the room is up to the desired temperature.
  • If the two people sharing a bedroom prefer different overnight temperatures it is practical to have a split system; with the room divided into two sections each with their own controller, ensuring that everyone can have the temperature they desire.
  • Although you can heat beneath a bed if it has an air gap beneath it (minimum 10cm), it is more common to leave the area under a bed unheated so that it can be used for storage, if desired, and will avoid warming the bed directly. With all of our underfloor heating systems, it is straightforward to install them in your bedroom leaving a bed shaped patch unheated where you desire.
  • Electric underfloor heating does not suffer from the harmfully hot surfaces of many water and electric based wall heating, and unlike conventional radiators and water based underfloor heating, there is no risk of water damage from burst or leaking pipes.
  • If your bedroom has a very badly insulated floor, for instance it is on top of an unheated garage, you should consider installing thermal insulation boards on the floor before installing your underfloor heating. The insulation boards will minimise the heating time of your system as well as helping it to run more energy efficiently.


Which electric underfloor heating system is most suitable?

  • If you have chosen laminate or engineered board flooring our fast-to-fit Combymat system offers a great option for your bedroom. The system is laid onto a 6mm insulation board which, as well as preventing downward heat loss, also provides sound insulation properties. The entire heating system requires only 6mm of build height including its insulation layer and it is a dry installation requiring no levelling compounds or screeds. If you have chosen carpet or luxury vinyl tiles you can add overlay boards on top of the heating system to allow these floor coverings to be laid. As Combymat is a ‘floating floor’ electric underfloor heating system, this is the perfect choice if there is a lot of movement in your sub floor.
  • Heating mat systems are encased in a latex screed or tile adhesive helping them to evenly distribute their heat and mitigate any thermal blocks on top of the floor (items placed on a floor that prevent heat from escaping into the room). These fast-to-fit systems are the best choice if your bedroom floor will be tile, stone or a bonded engineered board or if you simply want the ultimate in underfloor heating. They can provide the fastest reacting underfloor heating system in a bedroom.
  • As with our heating mats, 3mm cables must be installed beneath a latex screed or tile adhesive and would normally be used beneath a tile or stone floor. They are more suited to small or complicated areas which can include some bedrooms if you decide not to heat beneath the bed. If they are installed onto Heat Mat’s Decoupling membrane you speed up the cable installation process and the membrane takes the movement out of the sub-floor preventing any risk of the floor surface cracking from sub-floor movement.
  • In-screed heating cables would normally only be used in new build ground-floor bedrooms where a 55mm screedis being laid. They have the lowest material cost of any electric underfloor heating system and they create a very stable temperature, so are most appropriate when the room will be regularly heated to the same schedule. The cables do not increase the floors build height (if a 55mm or more screed is already being laid) and they can be installed at any Wattage output desired.