Heat Mat recently supplied our heating mat system to work in conjunction with the existing wet underfloor heating system

Water based underfloor heating systems are regularly used in local government buildings such as schools and hospitals, and are often installed in 'self build' houses. They are encased within a screed and, if retro-fitted, usually significantly raise floor levels.

One of the requests we often receive is whether our electric underfloor heating mats can be used in conjunction with a wet underfloor heating system? Wet systems often suffer from a significant time lag when heating up and in some cases can not offer a complete heating system in conservatories and similar rooms with high heat loss.

The solution we offer is to install our 200w/m² heating mats on top of the screed containing the wet system, and then tiling straight on top. Heat Mat's system can then be used to 'boost' the wet system if it is not able to achieve the required room/floor temperature. More importantly, the 200W/m² heating mats do not significantly suffer from the time lag effect of wet systems beneath screed, so they can be used to heat the room more quickly.

If the manufacturer of the wet system requires the electric underfloor heating system to be controlled to a maximum floor temperature of, for instance, 35° Celsius, this can easily be achieved by using our electronic thermostats with floor temperature limitation.

The above example demonstrates the versatility of Heat Mat's underfloor heating systems and, for other types of installation that require a 'power boost', we can normally offer a cost effective solution.

The above scenario is representative of the diverse scenarios that Heat Mat can provide systems for. We receive many enquiries from a number of government organisations such as schools and hospitals that require efficient and effective solutions. Heat Mat's Technical Department always welcome such challenges.



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