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Product Factsheets

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160W Heating Mat Factsheet

Datasheet and technical information for the 160W heating mats.

200W Heating Mat factsheet

Datasheet for the 200W heating mats - includes recommended applications and technical information.

110W Heating Mat Factsheet

Datasheet for the 110W low output heating mat system and advice on applications. 

Heat Mat Underlaminate System Factsheet

Underlaminate system information - includes installation advice and technical data.

Heat Mat Combymat System Factsheet

Technical data and product information for the Combymat System.

Heat Mat Overlay Boards Factsheet

Product information for the Overlay Boards
- for use with the Combymat System.

Heat Mat Undertile Heating Cable factsheet

Datasheet on the 3mm undertile heating cable and recommended applications.

Heat Mat Flexheat Cable Factsheet

Heat Mat FlexHeat datasheet with technical information and application advice. 

6mm Red In-screed heating cable

Datasheet for the 6mm Red In-screed heating cable.

NGTouch Thermostat Factsheet

Datasheet for the NGTouch colour touchscreen thermostat.

NGTouch WiFi Factsheet

Datasheet for the NGTouch Wifi Thermostat.

Heat Mat NGT Thermostat Factsheet

Datasheet with technical information and product benefits for the NGT thermostat.

NeoStat-e Wireless Thermostat Factsheet

Datasheet and technical information for the neoStat-e thermostat

TPS Thermostat Factsheet

Overview of the manual on/off TPS thermostat

Mirror Demister Factsheet

Datasheet for Mirror demister pads - includes technical information and application advice. 

Wall Heating Mat Factsheet

Information and technical data for wall heating mats or wall heaters.

Underfloor Heating Insulation Board Factsheet

Overview and application advice for Thermal underfloor heating insulation boards.

Heat Mat Fibre Reinforced Flexible Self-levelling Compound

Overview of the fibre reinforced levelling-compound product and advice on use. 

Heat Mat Floor Buildup Diagrams factsheet

Floor buildup diagrams showing Heat Mat underfloor heating systems and recommended floor coverings. 

IP Ratings Factsheet

Information on Industry standard IP Ratings and Heat Mat product IP ratings.

Heat Mat Specialist Heating Systems for Zoos

Overview of Heat Mat's experience with Zoo heating.