Independent Approvals

Independent approvals are a way of certifying the quality of a product and confirming that it meets the required safety standards of the relevant legislation. Independent approvals are usually offered by national organisations such as BEAB, the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board or VDE, a German independent testing house.

Independent approvals come in a number of different forms. On the most basic level the test house simply confirms whether the product satisfies the basic safety requirements for CE marking. The next level of approval is a Component Approval where the test house confirms an element of a product, such as a heating wire, conforms to the relevant national or international standards.

The highest level of approval is a full System Approval where the entire system, such as the heating mat, thermostat and the installation instructions, all work together and comply with the relevant national and international legislation.

The final type of approval is a Factory Approval where the relevant test house visits the factory where the product are manufactured to confirm that the systems and working practices are high quality and that there is full traceability of products once they are manufactured. All Heat Mat’s Danish manufactured heating mats, wires and thermostats are made in BEAB approved factories.

The majority of Heat Mat’s systems are offered with full BEAB system approval and many others are offered with BEAB or KEMA component approval.