Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a method of viewing the heat of an object or area visually via the LCD of a thermal imaging camera. This method is particularly useful for verifying where underfloor heating is installed, and also for verifying high heat loss areas in rooms or buildings.

Passive thermal imaging works by measuring the infrared radiation given off by an object and, as all objects above absolute zero temperature emit infrared radiation, this system can be used to view floors with underfloor heating beneath them.

Once the underfloor heating is turned on the area directly above it will heat up slightly faster than the area between the runs of heating cable. This means that in the warm up period of a system you would normally be able to see each individual run of the heating element therefore allowing you to accurate place doorstops or screw down a pedestal without risking damage to the element.

Heat Mat use independent thermal imaging experts I-Red extensively for product design and testing as it allows a unique insight into how heating systems are working.

Heat Mat use and recommend Flir thermal imaging cameras and, as an alternative, Heat Mat also offer Cable Trace which is a liquid crystal sheet that works on a similar principle to a thermal imaging camera, but at a fraction of the price.