Underfloor Heating Floor Coverings – Floating Laminate Flooring

Floating laminate floors require a special type of heating system as the laminate floor itself can not be secured mechanically to a base or the heating system. In addition, laminate floors must not overheat so it is vital that the system spreads it’s heat efficiently ensuring there are no hot spots in the floor. Heat Mat recommend an output of no more than 140W/sqm for systems installed directly beneath floating laminate floors and 160W/sqm for systems used in a screed or levelling compound base beneath laminate floors.

Heat Mat have developed a unique underlaminate system range that includes a low Wattage fully earthed heating wire covered with an aluminium heat dissipation layer which spreads the heat evenly. This unique product can be cut and turned as with a conventional heating mat, ensuring a simple installation whatever the dimensions of your room. Most quality laminate floors of a thickness of between 8mm and 18mm are suitable for use with electric underfloor heating however you should confirm this with your flooring manufacturer.

Heat Mat’s underlaminate system is not suitable for use with floors that will be glued together or bonded, screwed or nailed to the floor base.