Heat Mat Lifetime And Extended Warranties

We know that when choosing an underfloor heating system you need to be confident that you are getting high quality products which are guaranteed to last for a long time. At Heat Mat, we manufacture the majority of our underfloor heating products in the UK and Denmark. All of our systems are independently approved by organisations such as BEAB, Kema or Intertek and our two main production sites are also BEAB approved in their own right. The design of our products is based on more than twenty years' experience of the UK underfloor heating market and with this knowledge we manufacture products that are robust, safe to use and offer great value for money. In fact, the heating mats and cables should continue to operate without problems until you replace your floor. We offer genuine Lifetime Warranties on the majority of our underfloor heating products and extended warranties on all other systems. The Warranty we supply is on the product rather than the homeowner, so once the system is installed the Lifetime Warranty is passed on to the new owner if you sell your house, or in the case of rented or business accommodation the Warranty continues regardless of the tenants. The Extended Warranties that we offer on our various products are listed below:
Product Type Range Warranty Length
Underfloor heating mats PKM range Lifetime
Undertile heating cables PKC-3.0 Lifetime
Underlaminate mats CBM range Lifetime
NGTouch Thermostat NGT-2.0-STND Lifetime
Mirror demisters All products Lifetime
6mm heating cables PKC-6.0 range 15 Years
FLX heating cables & mats FLX range 10 Years
Thermostats NGT, TPS, CCU 10 Years
In the case of Lifetime Warranties, these need to be registered within 90 days of purchase otherwise they revert to a standard Fifteen Year Warranty. To register your Lifetime Warranty all you need to do is visit our registration page and provide us the requested details. Your Warranty covers the heating system for failures caused as a direct result of manufacturing faults but does not cover failures caused by mis-installation, subsequent misuse or accidental damage. In these cases however Heat Mat does not seek to profit from peoples' misfortune and if a simple repair kit cannot repair the heating system Heat Mat will offer any replacement Heat Mat products required for a significant discount below our manufactured cost price. For more information please refer to the Warranty information in the back of the instruction manual for your individual system.