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Underfloor Heating in a Classic House

19 Aug, 2010 | Home is Where the Heat is! Living in a Victorian cottage on the edge of the country's newest National Park is almost perfect. Opening onto ancient oak woodland and rolling countryside all round is quite a blessing and the wide variety of wildlife I see every day looking out of my window makes for a very pleasant life.

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Underfloor Heating - an Interior Designers dream

19 Aug, 2010 | The problems with radiators As an interior designer, I have frequently faced difficulty in placing furniture and other ornamental items into rooms while having to take into account the location of the radiators. It has always baffled me why radiators, until recently, have been such ghastly monstrosities.

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Electric underfloor heating - The true cost of ownership

29 Jul, 2010 | Once you have installed your electric underfloor heating system you can sit back and benefit from the beautiful warmth the system offers, knowing that there will be no further costs apart from the electricity used to run it! The heating wires themselves should last as long as any other electrical wires in your house

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UK Underfloor Heating running cost information

1 May, 2009 | Heat Mat electric underfloor heating can be very economical to run when used with sub floor insulation boards in well insulated rooms (to current insulation standards). In these circumstances the heating could typically cost as little as £6.48 per square metre to run per annum whilst providing full room heating.

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