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Central Control Thermostats

Heat Mat Central Control System               

Central Controller – CCU-CEN-CTRL

The Central Control consists of a central controller with built-in thermostat. The central controller can communicate wirelessly with up to 15 Room Thermostats or Slave Controllers. The system ensures maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption. 

  • Cost effective 
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Class A energy efficient
  • Simple set up

 Central control unit

The central controller communicates wirelessly with other units in the system and has an open-field range of 100 metres, which is adequate for most houses. Activating a repeater function in the thermostats can extend the range.


The central controller features an easy-to-read graphical display with backlighting. Thanks to its logical menus with clear symbols and text the unit is extremely easy to operate. 

The central controller has its own built-in 16A thermostat, making the system very cost effective.

In addition to the above features the system also benefits from: 

  • An integral energy monitor for each room
  • Review all room temperatures from the CCU
  • All units communicate with the CCU wirelessly
  • Made in Denmark
  • Three year warranty


Central Control Room Thermostat – CCU-ROM-STAT
The thermostat offers four different control possibilities: floor temperature, room temperature, room temperature with floor temperature limitation, and regulator mode output. The thermostat has a built-in 2-pole interrupter and 16A relay and it features a large, easy-to-read display with backlight.

Room thermostat

Slave Unit – CCU-SLA-UNIT
The slave unit makes it simple to control most electrical heaters including panel heaters, and can be set up to provide frost protection or operate on a night setback mode.

Central control slave unit

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