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240W Heating Mats

240W heating mats have the highest output.
Designed for high heat loss rooms.

240W Underfloor Heating Mats

240W mats provide sole source heating in areas where conventional heating mats can struggle for instance very small rooms, high heat loss rooms including conservatories and foyers, and areas where only part of the floor can be heated due to fitted units e.g kitchens.

 240W/sqm heating mats are the most powerful system in Heat Mat’s electric underfloor heating range. They provide the highest heat output, the fastest warm-up time and the most energy efficient system for heating beneath tile and stone floors, while offering all of the other benefits of Heat Mat’s fast-to-fit ultra thin systems. 240W mats are designed for use under tile or stone and cannot be laid directly onto wood or other floor coverings.

240W heating mats are remarkably simple to operate using a Heat Mat or electric underfloor heating thermostat and provide luxurious warm tile, or natural stone, floors.

  • Designed to provide sole source heating in very small and/or high heat loss rooms including en-suite bathrooms, garden rooms and conservatories.
  • A great heating solution when floor build height restrictions prevent insulation boards being installed.
  • Particularly suited to heating rooms where a high proportion of the floor is taken up by units that can not have heating beneath them. This includes kitchens, utility rooms and some bathrooms.
  • Perfect for drying out floors for safety reasons and to prevent mould. Suitable for swimming pools and use in wet rooms/bathrooms. Can also be used within walls for towel warming or to dry out shower areas.
  • The fastest heating, highest output and most energy efficient mat system offered by Heat Mat with the close cable spacing generating superior heat spread through the floor.
  • Provide a very fast warm-up time beneath thick floor coverings like flagstones and brick.

240W Heating Mats

What are the benefits of installing 240W/m2 underfloor heating mats?

  • Easy-to-install, simple cut and turn design
  • Add mimimal build height 
  • Heat up quickly
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Part L and 18th Edition compliant
  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Covered by our lifetime warranty

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Small high heat loss rooms

Rooms with small floor areas have a greater proportion of wall to each mof floor area, leading to a far higher heat loss per m2 of floor than larger rooms. 240W Mats are designed to overcome this high heat loss by offering the maximum output in the restricted floor area, and still benefit from being laid onto insulation boards where possible.

General high heat loss rooms

Rooms with a higher than average heat loss benefit from the fast warm-up time and high output of the 240W system - this includes rooms such as garden rooms, conservatories, foyers and entrance halls with high air movement, or rooms where insulation boards cannot be installed on top of the screed bed.

Heating a proportion of the floor

In some situations only a proportion of the floor can be heated, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In these cases the 240W mats ensure enough warmth is still provided to heat the entire room. In very large structures, such as churches or barns, the 240W mats can provide targeted heat in the areas where it is required e.g. between pews or specific areas where people will be sitting/standing.

Floor drying

The 240W system offers fast floor drying which can be desirable for safety reasons around swimming pools or in wet rooms. In wet rooms and bathrooms the system can speedily heat the floor and walls to dry out tiles to help prevent mould, and in hotels to prepare bathrooms for the next guest.

Selecting the correct sized heating mats

To start with you will need to calculate the free floor area (FFA). To calculate the FFA you should measure the room to find out the total floor area. You should then subtract from this any areas where kitchen or bathroom furniture will be placed, or where furniture without an air gap beneath it will be positioned. Once you have taken off these areas you have your FFA. Our recommendation is to deduct 10% for fitting space in rooms up to 15m2, 7% for rooms between 16m2 - 25m2 and 5% fitting space for larger rooms.

Floor coverings and sub-floor surfaces

 The 240W mat system must only be used beneath tile, stone and cementaceous floor covering as the heat must be able to rapidly dissipate into the room. For the same reason it is vital that no thermal blocks (including rugs, mats or furniture) are placed on top of the heated area of the floor. The mats must be installed onto a cementaceous layer e.g. Heat Mat’s concrete faced thermal insulation boards, concrete, tiles, or a 2mm layer of tile adhesive skimmed over wooden sub-floors.

Energy Efficient Solution

240W heating mats are almost 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat and they can easily be powered by locally generated electricity from either photo voltaic or wind power sources. When used with Heat Mat’s intelligent NGT controllers, these 240W mats are Heat Mat’s most energy efficient heating mat system, and a Part L compliant heating solution.

Approved and guaranteed

We manufacture our high-quality heating mats and cables in Denmark, Germany and the UK. Our electric underfloor heating mats are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty and independently BEAB approved. 

Technical Data for 240W mats

  • General Construction: Dual conductor wire with earth
  • Supply Voltage: 230V +/-10
  • Power Output: 240W/sqm
  • Output Range for 240W mats: 120W-2710W
  • Maximum Load: 20W/m
  • Standard Range: 0.5m2 - 11.4m2
  • Mat Dimensions: 0.5m wide x 1.0m to 22.8m
  • Maximum Cable Temperature: 90 °C
  • Approvals: CE Marked and BEAB system approved
  • Wire Thickness: 2.7mm to 3.2mm depending on Ohm Value
  • Cable Flexibility: Minimum allowable cable radius is 18mm
  • Approved in accordance with: EN 60335-1:1998, EN60335-2-17:1999, IEC 60730
  • IP Rating: IPX7


  • Thermal Conductor: 2 x resistance wire insulated with fluoropolymer (FEP 7Y) tested to 200°C
  • Outer Insulation: PVC (Y) tested to 90°C
  • Coldtail Lead: 4m double insulated cable
  • Earth Protection: 100% aluminium earth shield
  • Reinforcement Materials: Fibreglass wire
  • Reinforcement Mesh: Fibreglass mesh
  • Fixing Material: 3 rows of double sided tape
  • Reinforcement Mesh: Fibreglass mesh

240 W/m2 Product codes and sizes

Product Code                 Size in mWidth in mWattageResistance
PKM-240-0050 0.5 m2 0.5 m 120 W 472 Ω
PKM-240-0800 0.8 m2 0.5 m 200 W 293 Ω
PKM-240-0110 1.6 m2 0.5 m 270 W 210 Ω
PKM-240-0130 2.0 m2 0.5 m 320 W 182 Ω
PKM-240-0150 2.6 m2 0.5 m 360 W 162 Ω
PKM-240-0170 2.8 m2 0.5 m 410 W 140 Ω
PKM-240-0210 3.5 m2 0.5 m 490 W 118 Ω
PKM-240-0270 4.2 m2 0.5 m 650 W 88 Ω
PKM-240-0320 5.4 m2 0.5 m 770 W 75 Ω
PKM-240-0390 6.0 m2 0.5 m 910 W 63 Ω
PKM-240-0460 6.7 m2 0.5 m 1100 W 53 Ω
PKM-240-0550 7.5 m2 0.5 m 1290 W 45 Ω
PKM-240-0650 8.9 m2 0.5 m 1520 W 38 Ω
PKM-240-0760 9.9 m2 0.5 m 1820 W 32 Ω
PKM-240-0850 13.2 m2 0.5m 2020 W 28 Ω
PKM-240-0930 9.3 m2 0.5m 2210 W 26 Ω
PKM-240-1140 11.4m2 0.5m 2710 W 21 Ω

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