Shepherds huts, glamping units and treehouses are exciting places to spend some time but cold weather at certain times of the year can curtail their use. If the rooms have an electricity supply, underfloor heating can provide a safe and hassle-free way of allowing them to be used all year round.

What are the main benefits of using electric underfloor heating in shepherds huts and glamping accommodation?

  • Electric underfloor heating helps enable the accommodation to be used all year by providing a steady cosy warmth from a hidden heating system.
  • If power supplies are restricted a low-Wattage system can be used to provide supplementary heating or to keep the damp at bay over winter.
  • Where multiple accommodation units are going to be supplied with the same floor plan, bespoke heating mats or cables can be supplied as these speed up the installation process. The mats can be sized to perfectly fit the rooms and the output can be tailored to match your individual requirements.
  • Wireless controls allow the systems to be App controlled from anywhere as long as there is a wireless signal on site.


What else should you consider when heating your glamping cabin, yurt, treehouse or shepherds hut?

  • By using electric underfloor heating instead of a log burner or gas heating system you remove any risk of fire, of danger from hot-to-touch surfaces and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • The heating systems are simple to finely control. You have the option of running the heating at a very low level during the winter to stave off any damp, before ramping it up a few hours before guests are expected so it is lovely and warm on their arrival.
  • The heating system is entirely out of sight allowing you to furnish as you desire.
  • If there are water supplies to the unit consider using Heat Mat PipeGuard or trace heating systems to protect the water and waste pipes from freezing.


Which electric underfloor heating system is most suitable?

  • The most commonly fitted system in these types of units is our Combymat heating system which is designed for use with floating floors. The system is very straightforward to fit and lends itself to these types of floor which are likely to experience some movement. The system can be installed directly beneath a floating laminate floor, and for carpet or vinyl floors you would need to cover the heating mats with Combymat Overlay Boards before laying the final floor covering. This heating system is installed onto a 6mm thick insulation layer to further improve its performance.
  • Heating mats covered with a levelling compound are used in some shepherd’s huts when vinyl floors or bonded board floors have been chosen. Often a thermal insulation board will be fitted beneath the heating system providing additional stability to the floor as well as improving the heat up time and efficiency of the system. It is even possible to use heating mats beneath a tiled floor if the floor base itself is suitably strengthened and a decoupling membrane is used.
  • 3mm heating cables can be used in preference to heating mats and the normal time to choose these would be if you are looking to use a decoupling membrane as a cable carrier.