If you have not decided on your floor covering yet we recommend a couple of different heating options.

If you are not laying a 55mm screed then we recommend our 160W/sqm heating mats or loose undertile heating cable installed at up to 160W/sqm. Once installed the heating system should be covered by a minimum of 12mm of Heat Mat fibre-reinforced self-levelling compound, compatible latex screed or similar. This layer dissipates the warmth from the heating system ensuring that your floor covering is evenly heated ensuring the system is suited to virtually any floor covering.

If you are laying a screed of at least 55mm thickness we recommend installing our 6mm in-screed heating cables at 160W/sqm embedded directly into the screed. These will be cost effective to install and will be suitable to heat beneath virtually any final floor covering that you choose.

Please note that in all cases thermal underfloor insulation installed beneath the heating system will speed up its warm up time and reduce running costs.

If you have any questions or are considering another type of flooring please call our technical department to discuss options on 01444 247020 or contact us here.