160W Heating Mats

160W heating mats are ideal for tiled floors and available in a large number of sizes, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Our popular 160W electric underfloor heating mats are high-quality, trusted by installers and homeowners nationwide and easy to fit.

A professional fast-to-fit system designed to provide energy-efficient floor warming in all rooms, and a full heating system in well insulated areas.

This award winning electric underfloor heating mat range can be used beneath virtually any type of floor covering ensuring luxurious warm floors whatever your chosen floor finish. Our technologically advanced wire design delivers minimal build height combined with a robust high-powered heating cable.

160W mats offer a versatile and fast reacting underfloor heating system:

  • Designed to provide floor warming in all rooms and sole source heating in well-insulated areas
  • Integrated earth shield (unlike carbon films), allowing safe installation in wet areas including bathrooms
  • Ideal for tiled floors, and also perfect for use beneath carpet, bonded wood and vinyl surfaces (if covered with a levelling compound)


Heat Mat Advanced Cable Design

What are the benefits of installing 160W/m² underfloor heating mats?

  • Easy-to-install
  • Simple cut and turn design
  • Suitable for use under almost any floor covering
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Part L and 18th Edition compliant
  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Covered by our lifetime warranty

Underfloor heating mat systems react faster and are more energy efficient when used with an intelligent thermostat timer and are laid onto thermal insulation boards. 

Simple and speedy installation

Heat Mat electric underfloor heating mats are incredibly simple to install, and in large areas can take one third of the time a loose heating cable would take to fit. The mats can be cut and turned to ensure that they fit the room perfectly, and for particularly complicated areas the cable can be stripped from the mat and laid as a loose cable. The mats readily affix to the floor with four strips of double-sided tape, and the strong fibreglass mesh above the cable ensures it is protected during tiling.

Suitable for nearly any floor covering

If you are unsure of the final floor covering, 160W mats can be fitted and then covered by a flexible levelling compound allowing a huge range of final floor coverings to be fitted on top including tiles, carpet, wood and vinyl.

Energy efficient solution

160W heating mats are extremely efficient at converting electricity into heat. They can be powered from renewable energy sources. Our NGTouch thermostat has energy saving features and displays usage in £'s and pence helping to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Lifetime guarantee

We manufacture our high-quality heating mats and cables in Denmark, Germany and the UK. Our electric underfloor heating mats are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty and independently BEAB and Semko approved.

Innovative heating cable technology

Over the last three decades Heat Mat have worked to continuously improved the design of their cables and mats to ensure their safety and longevity. This unique combination of technologies means you get a safe and fast to install system without sacrificing quality. Only Heat Mat’s systems include this combination of technologies:

  • Litzer Wire Technology – multiple heating elements are spun together to provide superior strength in a very flexible heating wire
  • 200°C Fluoropolymer Protection – super-high temperature fluoropolymer insulation surrounds the heating elements and provides superior protection against overheating and physical damage
  • Kevlar Anti-stretch Cable – Kevlar strands run through the centre of the heating cable preventing it from being stretched and damaged during installation
  • 100% Earth Shield – an aluminium safety shield wraps the entire heating cable to ensure the system is instantly shut down if damaged. The shield also enables the cables to hold their shape when being installed
  • Anti-crush Cable Jacket – the high quality PVC cable jacket provides unrivalled protection against crushing and cutting damage during installation
  • 100% Shielded Coldtail – the entire coldtail is shielded continuing the 100% electrical protection seen on our heating cable
  • Cut & Turn Mat System – the cut-and-turn systems allows mats to be turned back on themselves multiple times during fitting, meaning less mats are required ensuring a far smoother installation
  • Zero-float Mesh – the mesh terminates at the last row of tape rather than continuing to the ends of the cable, so none floats up when covered in levelling compound or screed

Technical Data for 160W mats

  • General Construction: Dual conductor wire with earth
  • Supply Voltage: 240V
  • Power Output: 160W/m²
  • Output Range for 200W mats: 179W–2290W
  • Maximum Load: 20W/m
  • Standard Range: 1.1m²–14.7m²
  • Mat Dimensions: 0.5m wide x 1.4m to 29.4m
  • Maximum Cable Temperature: 90°C
  • Approvals: CE Marked and BEAB system approved
  • Wire Thickness: 2.7mm to 3.2mm depending on Ohm Value
  • Cable Flexibility: Minimum allowable cable radius is 18mm
  • Power Range: 120W–1973W
  • Approved in accordance with: EN 60335-1:1998, EN60335-2-17:1999, IEC 60730
  • IP Rating: IPX7


  • Thermal Conductor: 2 x resistance wire insulated with fluoropolymer (FEP 7Y) tested to 200°C
  • Outer Insulation: PVC (Y) tested to 90°C
  • Coldtail Lead: 4m double insulated cable
  • Earth Protection: 100% aluminium earth shield
  • Reinforcement Materials: Fibreglass wire
  • Reinforcement Mesh: Fibreglass mesh
  • Fixing Material: Three rows of double sided tape
  • Reinforcement Mesh: Fibreglass mesh

160W/m² Mat Product Codes and Sizes

Product Code Area
TSI Code
PKM-160-0070* 0.7 1.4 0.5 120 503 401885387
PKM-160-0110 1.1 2.2 0.5 179 315 389519351
PKM-160-0150 1.5 3.0 0.5 245 240 389519380
PKM-160-0200 2.0 4.0 0.5 327 166 389519393
PKM-160-0230 2.3 4.6 0.5 380 155 389519403
PKM-160-0280 2.8 5.6 0.5 457 132 389519416
PKM-160-0310 3.1 6.2 0.5 509 116 389519429
PKM-160-0370 3.7 7.4 0.5 601 97 389519445
PKM-160-0390 3.9 7.8 0.5 624 92 404331676
PKM-160-0440 4.4 8.8 0.5 720 82 389519458
PKM-160-0470 4.7 9.4 0.5 752 79 404331715
PKM-160-0520 5.2 10.4 0.5 854 68 389519487
PKM-160-0560 5.6 11.2 0.5 896 64 404331728
PKM-160-0620 6.2 12.4 0.5 1040 58 389519513
PKM-160-0680 6.8 13.6 0.5 1113 52 389519526
PKM-160-0770 7.7 15.4 0.5 1275 43 389519539
PKM-160-0830 8.3 16.6 0.5 1328 42 404331731
PKM-160-0870 8.7 17.4 0.5 1439 40 389519542
PKM-160-0980 9.8 19.6 0.5 1568 37 404331744
PKM-160-1040 10.4 20.8 0.5 1700 34 389519555
PKM-160-1160 11.6 23.2 0.5 1856 30 398699961
PKM-160-1280* 12.8 12.8 0.5 2000 29 404331760
PKM-160-1470* 14.7 29.4 0.5 2290 25 404331786

*These mats are not currently BEAB approved, but are manufactured to the same standards.