3.5mm Heating Cable

Heat My Home 3.5mm heating cables are a price focussed electric heating cable ideal for all applications.

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Heat My Home 3.5mm Underfloor Heating cable, a cost-effective and efficient alternative to heating mats.

Our affordable solution for floor heating needs – the flexible, ultra-thin, and universal 3.5mm underfloor heating cable. Engineered with both energy efficiency and cost-consciousness in mind, this versatile heating cable offers both the convenience of floor warming or a comprehensive heating system for full room heating.

One of the notable advantages of this electric underfloor heating cable is its adaptability and user-friendly installation process. The cable's flexibility allows for easy fitting, making it an ideal choice for small or challenging areas.

By adjusting the spacing of the heating cable, you have control over the system's output, enabling the installation of 200W/m² in spaces with high heat loss, such as conservatories. Moreover, this system excels in its versatility as it seamlessly integrates beneath almost any floor covering, provided a levelling compound is applied and an output of no more than 160W/m² is maintained.


What are the benefits of installing 3.5mm underfloor heating cables?

  • When installed at 200W/m² this system is suitable for providing a full room heating system, even in high heat loss areas such as conservatories.
  • Perfect for floor warming or room heating in standard rooms when installed at 160W/m².
  • Alter the heat output to match your individual requirements - outputs from 80W/m² to 230W/m² are possible.
  • When used with Heat Mat's intelligent thermostat timers this heating cable provides a more energy efficient and cost effective heating system than lower powered alternatives.
  • Particularly economic to purchase, and can be installed onto thermal insulation boards to provide a faster reacting and more economic heating system.
  • Significantly quicker to install than some alternative systems as there is no need to cover the entire heating cable with masking tape due to its high strength outer insulation.




Underfloor heating cable systems react faster and are more energy efficient when used with an intelligent thermostat timer and are laid onto thermal insulation boards. 

Flexible and quick installation

Heat My Home electric undertile heating cables are incredibly simple to install, and in small or complicated areas can be significantly quicker to install than heating mats. The cable spacing can be altered to match your exact heat output requirements, and the system is fixed to the floor with the supplied high strength double-sided tape before tiling on top.

Sub-floor surfaces and insulation board

For the most energy efficient system and the fastest warm up time we recommend laying heating cables onto a thermal insulation board. Cables can also be laid onto pre-primed concrete, existing tile or stone surfaces or suitably secured ply board.

Combining multiple units

Undertile heating cables are designed to be laid together with other heating cables to ensure the perfect floor coverage. The cables are wired into the thermostat or junction box in parallel, and heating cables can be used to 'fill in the gaps' in a heating mat system, as long as they are laid at the same output as the mats.

Energy efficient solution

Heat My Home cables are extremely efficient at converting electricity into heat. They can be powered from renewable energy sources. Our NGTouch thermostat has energy saving features and displays usage in £'s and pence helping to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Technical Data for 3.5mm Heating Cable

  • General Construction: Dual conductor wire with earth
  • Supply Voltage: 230V - 50Hz
  • Power Output: 14W/m
  • Output Range for 3.5mm cable: 120W–2040W
  • Standard Range: 1.25m²–13.6m² at 150W/m²
  • Cable Dimensions: 3.5mm x 8.4m to 147.0m
  • Approvals: UKCA and CE marked
  • Wire Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Approved in accordance with: EN 60335-2-96
  • IP Rating: IPX7


  • Thermal Conductor: 2 x high-temperature TPE
  • Outer Insulation: Polyolefin
  • Coldtail Lead: 2.5m double insulated cable
  • Earth Protection: 100% aluminium earth shield
  • Reinforcement Materials: Fibreglass wire
  • Reinforcement Mesh: Fibreglass mesh

3.5mm Heating Cable Product Codes and Sizes

Product Code Area @ 150W/m² (m²) Length (m) Cable Width (mm) Wattage (W) Resistance
HMHCAB3.5-130W 0.87 8.4 3.5 130 454 424561743 5707359817727
HMHCAB3.5-230W 1.53 14.9 3.5 230 253 424561921 5707359817741
HMHCAB3.5-300W 2.0 19.5 3.5 300 192 424561934 5707359817758
HMHCAB3.5-450W 3.0 29.5 3.5 450 127 424561947 5707359817772
HMHCAB3.5-730W 4.87 49.0 3.5 730 77 424561950 5707359817796
HMHCAB3.5-880W 5.87 59.0 3.5 880 65 424561963 5707359817802
HMHCAB3.5-1170W 7.8 78.0 3.5 1170 48 424561633 5707359817826
HMHCAB3.5-1470W 9.8 98.0 3.5 1470 39 424561853 5707359817840
HMHCAB3.5-2190W 14.6 147.0 3.5 2190 26 424561918 5707359817864