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Decoupling membrane

A great value carrier membrane for fast installation
of underfloor heating cables.

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Heat Mat Decoupling Membrane - A high specification decoupling carrier membrane for use with loose underfloor heating cables

Heat Mat's decoupling mat operates as a high quality anti-fracture membrane that is usually fixed to the sub-floor with a thin-bed water-based adhesive. The membrane acts as a holder for the cable and as a decoupling matting.

Heat Mat's decoupling membrane is designed for use specifically with our 3mm PKC range, and is ideally suited for use under tiles. Installation is fast, there is no need to use double-sided tape to secure the cables, the cable will simply slot into place between the studs allowing cables to be quickly and evenly spaced where the heat is required most in the room. Heating cables are usually fitted at an output of approximately 145W/sqm by a 3 stud spacing on the membrane.

  • Quick to install, there is no need for additional fixing materials such as double-sided tape
  • The membrane protects the cables during the installation of floor tiles and trowel work
  • The output can be altered to ensure heat is concentrated in areas that need it the most
  • We recommend planning out the space beforehand to ensure the cable is distributed as required
  • Cut the matting to size to cover the floor area - Decoupling membrane is available in 15m² or 5m² rolls and 1m² panels
  • In bathrooms or wet rooms seal the joins between mats to prevent any water ingress
  • An adhesive should be used to fix the membrane to the floor base
  • Low profile, the decoupling membrane is only 6mm thick

Selecting the correct heating cable to use

Heat Mat Decoupling membrane is only recommended for use with our PKC range of undertile heating cables which are 3mm wide meaning the ultra-thin cables are ideally suited for use with this membrane.

Flexible and quick installation

Heat Mat Decoupling membrane is incredibly simple to install, and in small or complicated areas can be significantly quicker to install than heating mats. The cable spacing can be altered to match your exact heat output requirements by alternating the distance between the studs. The carrier membrane is fixed to the floor with the sub-floor with thin-bed water-based adhesive.

Cutting the membrane

The membrane is available in 1m², 5m² or 15m² rolls (both 1m wide) that are easily cut to size on site. The membrane can be fitted around existing furniture or laid out in an empty space prior to install of fittings, such as pedestals.

Sub-floor surfaces

The sub-floor must be level and smooth. Ensure there is no loose material on the floor and ensure any off-cuts are removed after cutting.

Electric Under Floor Heating for Bathrooms

Decoupling membrane product information

Product Code Size Coverage TSI Code GTIN No.
PKC-DEC-1500 15m² 15m² roll of decoupling membrane for PKC cables 406727903 5060424144976
PKC-DEC-0500 5m² 5m² roll of decoupling membrane for PKC cables 406728012 5060424144969
PKC-DEC-0100 1m² 1m² square of decoupling membrane for PKC cables 406728122 5060424144952
PKC-DEC-10MT 10m 10m roll of 120mm wide sealing tape 407294066 5060424145027