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Flexible Self-levelling compound primer - Mira safety data sheet

Safety data sheet for Mira primer used with Heat Mat levelling compound.


Levelling Compound

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Self-levelling Compound

Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound, produced by Mira, is a high quality fibre-reinforced self-levelling floor compound specifically designed for use with underfloor heating to provide a fast and efficient heat transfer.  It is ideal for use when electric underfloor heating is laid beneath carpets, Karndean, vinyl or bonded engineered floor boards as it provides a safe base to install the floor on and provides an effective heat spread, ensuring no hot or cold spots.

Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound can be used in thicknesses of 5-50mm, (a minimum of 12mm is recommended with underfloor heating), and can accept floor coverings such as carpet, bonded wooden floors, vinyl and tiles including mosaics.

The compound dries chemically and can be walked on just three hours after being poured, and further surface treatment can be applied a further three hours later. This speedy drying time saves time and money on installation and ensures rooms are not out of use for prolonged periods.

A 20kg bag of Self-levelling Compound gives a coverage of 1m². Mira primer should be used to prepare the subfloor surface prior to using Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound to ensure a strong key. One litre of Mira primer covers 5-10m² depending on the porosity of the subfloor.

Product Code Description TSI Code GTIN No.
MIR-THE-0020 20kg Heat Mat Self-levelling Compound 389521543 5060424141081
MIR-PRI-0001 1 litre Mira primer for use with Self-levelling Compound 389521695 5060424141050

Can be used with a variety of floor coverings

On concrete, tiles, thermal insulation boards or painted surfaces (without underfloor heating). After the floor primer has dried, the compound should be poured out onto the floor immediately after mixing.  On thermal insulation boards a minimum thickness of 10mm is recommended, and on other surfaces a minimum thickness of 5mm is required.

On secured wooden, ply-board or chipboard floors (without underfloor heating). Before priming the floor ensure that it is secure without any movement and all gaps between the boards have been sealed up to prevent the compound draining away. After the floor primer has dried, the compound should be poured out onto the floor immediately after mixing. A minimum thickness of 5mm is required.

On floors with underfloor heating. This compound is specifically designed for use with electric underfloor heating cables and its formula offers improved heat transfer over ordinary levelling compounds. You must ensure that all heating cables are fully covered with a minimum of 8mm of compound above the top of the heating cables. Our recommended thickness of compound for use with our heating mats and undertile heating cables is 12mm, and under no circumstances must the heating system be used to 'dry out' the levelling compound.

Building up a fall. To build up a fall, the water content of the mix should be reduced and the compound should be poured along the wall. It will automatically flow towards the floor drain and should be prevented from flowing into it with the use of compound barriers. Once hardened the fall can be adjusted and rendered to match the floor drain.

Applying surface finish. Further surface treatment can take place once the levelling compound has dried. The drying time will depend on the ambient room temperature and humidity, and in normal circumstances tiling can take place between 6-12 hours after pouring. Allow at least 18 hours if damp-proofing is going to be laid on top of the compound.

Self-levelling compound instructions

The compound will naturally smooth the surface on to which it is being applied, however, if required it can be used in a wet room application to create a fall to a drain. The compound can be applied with hand tools or via a mixing pump.

Technical data

Material consumption: 1.7 kg powder/m²/mm
Layer density: 5-50 mm
Surfacing: The hardened mix will accept most types of floor covering, e.g. pvc, linoleum, ceramic tiles, parquet, textile carpeting. Surface finishing with floor paint can be used on areas where traffic is moderate.
Water resistance: The hardened mix has good moisture resistance characteristics, but is not suitable for use outdoors or in water tanks, swimming pools etc.
Product class: acc. to EN 13813 C30F6
Shrinkage: <0.025%
Opening time: 15-20 minutes
Working time: 30 minutes
Hardening time: The product will bear light pedestrian traffic 3 hours after application.
Further surface treatment: After min. 6 hours.
Dry weight by volume: 1.7 kg/litre
Wet weight by volume: 1.9 kg/litre
Surface strength acc. to EN 13892 RWA: 100
Protective clothing: This product contains cement, and appropriate protective clothing should be used when working with it. This may include respiratory protection, hand and skin protection and eye protection.
Flow characteristic: 120-130 mm (mira flow test)

For further information please contact our technical team.