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Mirror demister pads for steam-free bathroom mirrors.

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A simple to install solution to ensure mirrors remain permanently steam-free.

Mirror defoggers are a low cost luxurious edition to a new build bathroom or renovation project. They are ideal for hotel developments or projects with multiple bathrooms. Mirror defoggers or demisters should be controlled by a switch, they can be wired through the lighting circuit to only heat when the bathroom is in use and clear all condensation from showers or baths.

The demista by Heat Mat range guarantees the quality of the product which is made in the UK and is supplied with Heat Mat's Lifetime Warranty.

  • Automatically ensures mirrors are clear of steam and can be used at all times
  • Makes life easier
  • Uses up to 50% less power consumption than the leading alternative
  • Regularly used in hotels, new build and refurbishment projects
  • Ideal for bathrooms, ensuites, wet rooms and leisure facilities
  • 17 different standard 230V sizes held in stock, over 400 different options to ensure a perfect fit
  • 12V SELV, 24V and 110V options available
  • Transformers available for SELV versions
  • Bespoke sizes and voltages are available on request
  • No thermostat required in standard installations
  • Mains voltage operation, removes the need for transformers
  • Independently BEAB approved and made in the UK
  • Our complete range of mirror demisters is manufactured in the UK by demista


The mirror defogger or demister must not be run continuously, it should either be on a timer or wired up through the lighting circuit so it only heats when the bathroom is in use. A 50cm by 50cm unit uses only 50 Watts of power per hour.

Heat Mat is the UK’s largest distributor of genuine demista™ mirror heaters, all manufactured in Scotland by demista™ themselves.

Mirror demisters in various sizes


Selecting the correct sized heater

Normally the Mirror Demister closest in size, but smaller than the mirror in question should be selected. The area covered will remain condensation free plus an additional margin around the edge of the mirror heater.

Combining multiple units

Multiple units can be combined to ensure complete coverage for the mirror in question. When units are combined there must be a 10mm gap between each heater, and they should be wired in parallel.


Although a Mirror Demister is usually installed covering the majority of the mirror, there is no requirement for this to be the case and some people prefer the look of a smaller panel in the centre of the mirror to be clear, surrounded by an area of condensation. To obtain this effect, select a mirror heater significantly smaller than your mirror.

Simple installation

Mirror Demisters have a self-adhesive backing enabling it to be easily attached to the reverse of a mirror. The mirror can then be affixed to the wall and the mirror heater can be covered with mirror adhesive, which must be solvent free. If being used with a safety-backed mirror the backing should be earthed, as should all metal parts surrounding the mirror.

Suitable for nearly all mirrors

Glass is a good conductor of heat and Mirror Heat is suitable for all recognised thicknesses of mirror. The thicker the mirror, the longer it will take for the heat to permeate. Care should be taken with mirrors that have cut-outs as the mirror will be weakened in that area. The possibility of weakness will be reduced if the corners of any cut-outs have radii.

Hotel projects

Mirror Demisters are particularly suitable for use in hotel projects where it can be wired in through either the bathroom lighting system or the key-card operated circuit. Mirror Demisters are specified as standard in most new hotel complexes or refurbishments.

Bespoke mirror heaters

Bespoke units can be manufactured to order as required. Alternative requirements for panel sizes, lengths of coldtail or voltages can be easily accommodated.

Approved and guaranteed

Heat Mat's Mirror Demister by demista are BEAB approved, manufactured in the UK in a BEAB approved factory and supplied with a 10 Year Warranty.


Self-adhesive backing secures the mirror heater in place. For larger mirrors, 150W/m mats and loose 3mm cable can be used for demisting if they are encased in a tile adhesive and used with a thermostat.

Technical Data

  • Heating Element: Carbon with copper connections
  • Supply Voltage: 230V +/- 10%
  • Power Output: 200W/m²
  • Alternative voltages: 12V & 24V units are available
  • Housing: IP44
  • Insulation: Double insulated
  • Dimensions: Varies between products
  • Coldtail lead: 1m 0.75mm² double insulated cable


Mirror demisters can be wired through the lighting circuit, or to a separate switch if preferred. The circuit must be protected by a 5A fuse or circuit breaker, and the wiring circuit must contain an all pole disconnection. Mirror heaters are not suitable for use with power supplies controlled via a dimmer switch.


Heat Mat Mirror demisters by demistaare BEAB Approved and supplied with a Lifetime warranty. We supply a range of standard sizes or can specify a bespoke solution depending on your requirements.

Product codes and sizes for standard 230V units

Product Code Size Wattage (W) Resistance () TSI Code GTIN No.
7015L025 150 x 250mm 6 8747 406728452 5060424144686
7020L025 200 x 250mm 9 5977 406729655 5060424144778
7030L025 300 x 250mm 13 3842 406725934 5060424144693
7030L081 300 x 810mm 48 1153 406726085 5060424144709
7040L025 400 x 250mm 18 2831 406726564 5060424144785
7040L045 400 x 450mm 33 1544 406726629 5060424144716
7040L081 400 x 810mm 61 849 406726726 5060424144792
7040L101 400 x 1010mm 76 679 406726771 5060424144808
7050L053 500 x 530mm 50 1034 406727275 5060424144723
7050L077 500 x 770mm 73 708 406727330 5060424144730
7050L105 500 x 1050mm 100 517 406727411 5060424144747
7050L149 500 x 1490mm 142 355 406727534 5060424144754
7060L029 600 x 290mm 32 1590 406727848 5060424144761
7070L077 700 x 770mm 103 499 406728601 5060424144815
7070L089 700 x 890mm 120 863 406728630 5060424144822
7070L101 700 x 1010mm 136 379 406728669 5060424144839
7070L113 700 x 1130mm 152 339 406728711 5060424144846
7070L129 700 x 1290mm 174 296 406728753 5060424144853