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Introducing the TPS32

The TPS32 is an incredibly easy-to-use ‘manual’ digital thermostat with a range of hidden functions providing additional functionality if required.

The controller includes simple up and down arrows to allow you to set your desired temperature, and an on/off button hidden under the front fascia. The TPS32 is most suited for rooms where a timer unit is not required, or to provide floor temperature limitation when the heating is being controlled by a home automation system. The hidden functions include a heating schedule which can be turned on if desired providing the controller with full Lot20 compliance due to its increased energy efficiency.

  • Straightforward to use simple on/off controller
  • Easy to use buttons and clear display
  • Monitors air and floor temperature
  • Stylish polar white looks and blanking cover included in the pack
  • Fully Lot20 compliant for energy efficiency
  • Built in schedules which can be used if desired
  • Child lock function to prevent unwanted adjustment

TPS32 features

The TPS32 includes a number of features rarely seen on ‘manual’ underfloor heating controllers.

Easy to use

The TPS32 features straightforward temperature buttons concealed behind a door, a digital display showing the current temperature reading and a simple to use physical on/off button. A blanking plate is supplied with the controller to hide the display if you would prefer not to see it.

The temperature is easily adjusted and increased using the red arrow or decreased using the blue arrow while an LED light indicates when the heating is active.

The TPS32 thermostat monitors the ambient room and floor temperatures, and you can choose which of these to control. When you choose the ambient temperature the floor sensor still ensures the floor does not overheat.

Setback mode – Lot20 compliance

The thermostat includes a built-in setback mode and timer that automatically drops the systems target temperature overnight. As standard, this function drops the temperature by 5°C, but it can be set to anywhere between 2–8°C.

This setback mode can also be triggered by an external input, and in most circumstances, this feature is used to lower the room temperature at certain times to save on running costs; for instance when a room will be unoccupied in a hotel. The signal is usually sent from an external timer or building management system (BMS), but in the case of hotels, can be a signal sent from reception when the room is unoccupied.

Frost Protection Mode – keep the chill off the floor

The frost protection mode turns off the heating but protects the floor from freezing, by ensuring the floor maintains a temperature of 5°C to prevent the risk of frost damage. This mode can be used in hotels to effectively turn off the room's heating. Frost protection mode is activated when a 230/240V signal is sent to terminal S of the thermostat via a rectifier diode. This signal can be sent from an external timer, a BMS or a simple wired switch.

Technical Data for TPS-345-0032

Manual digital thermostat with two sensors: floor sensor and built-in room sensor.
Set your room or floor temperature to operate the thermostat. The floor temperature limit should be set when you first switch on your thermostat.

The TPS32 is pre-programmed with a standard heating schedule which can be activated if desired, turning this manual controller into a timer unit. The standard pre-set heating schedule is as follow:

Morning – 6.00am – Set temperature
Daytime – 8.00am – Set temperature less Night Set Back
Evening – 4.00pm – Set temperature
Overnight – 11:00pm – Set temperature less Night Set Back

Technical Data

  • Supply Voltage: 230 VAC + 10% 50/60Hz
  • Output relay: SPST 16A resistive load, or 1A inductive load
  • Circuit-breaker: 2-pole, 16A
  • Standby consumption: 0.75W
  • Temperature range: +0/+40°C
  • Floor limit range: +5/+40°C
  • Ambient temperature: 0/+40°C during operation
  • On/Off differential: 0.5°C
  • Regulation principle: PWM/PL
  • Housing: IP21
  • ELV limits realized: SELV 24V
  • Rated impulse voltage: 4kV
  • Pollution degree rating: 2
  • External sensor type: NTC (12 KOhm) 3m
  • Dimensions: (H/W/D) 84/84/40mm (23mm depth)
  • Display: 21mm x 21mm segment display
  • EU registered design: DM/089338
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
 Product Code Description TSI Code GTIN No.
TPS-345-0032 Manual Electric UFH thermostat 406728232 5060424144679