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High-quality wall heating mats. Wall Heating Mats are ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms behind tiles

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Wall Heating Mats can be installed in bathrooms, wet rooms or elsewhere in properties to supplement an existing heat source or provide the sole source of heating in energy-efficient properties.

Wall heaters are most commonly fitted behind tiles or stone in bathrooms, wet rooms and en-suites. Wall Heating Mats or wall heater panels are easy and quick to install behind tiles.

Wall Heating Mat applications:


  • Dry towels instead of a heated towel rail
  • Keeping walls warm where people will be sitting against the wall
  • To enable fast drying of walls in wet rooms and showers
  • Providing additional ambient heating to rooms where other heat sources are not practical


In some circumstances the use of heated towel rails is not desirable and heating the wall behind the rail is a very efficient alternative. This is an increasingly popular application in new hotel developments and apartment buildings.

Heat Mat Wall Heating Mats have a 100% earth shield and are IPX7 rated for safety and compliance with BS7671:2008. Standard and bespoke mats are 17th edition compliant and are fully earthed for safety. All Heat Mat Wall Heating Mats are manufactured in our BEAB approved factory in Denmark. The mats are also covered by our Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

Available Sizes

We keep a wide variety of standard mat sizes in stock or we can manufacture bespoke sizes specifically for your project. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

Installation materials

When installing the heating mats they must always be totally encased in a flexible tile adhesive suitable for use on walls, and a flexible grout should be used between the tiles. Additional securing of the heater to the wall can be achieved with staples (on the mesh only, not the cable) and with a hot glue gun on the mesh and cable.

Moisture penetration

If the room on the reverse of the wall to be heated is very damp the heater increases the risk of moisture penetrating through the wall. In these circumstances we recommend installing Heat Mat Thermal Insulation Boards or a waterproof membrane behind the heating mat to prevent moisture ingress; a 12.5mm board can be supplied to replace plasterboard. Thermal Insulation Boards can also be used to prevent heat from penetrating the wall and they will enable the system to run more efficiently.

Installation considerations

BS7671:2008 - S753 Floor and Ceiling Heating Systems specifically excludes wall heating systems from its advice, therefore 522.6.6 to 522.6.8 relating to concealed cables must be considered (along with all other applicable electrical regulations covering the installation). Heat Mat’s 3mm heating mats and cables all contain a 100% aluminium earth shield as required by 522.6.6, and we additionally recommend the heating system should also be protected by a suitable dedicated 30mA RCD.

We advise that heating mats in walls are always kept at least 10mm away from conductive parts where practicable, and there should be at least a 20mm distance between heating cables. Details of the location of any wall heating systems should be retained with the electrical documentation for the property.

Specification service

We offer a full specification service and technical support throughout the process, from concept development to installation.
Call our technical team on 01444 247020 to discuss bespoke systems or project requirements.

Wall Heating Mats Technical Specification

  • General Construction: Dual conductor wire with earth
  • Supply Voltage: 230V +/- 10
  • Power Output: 80W–250W/m²
  • Output Range: 110W–2000W
  • Maximum Load: 20W/m
  • Standard Range: 0.6m² – 11.6m²
  • Mat Dimensions: 0.5m wide x 1.2m to 23.2m
  • Maximum Cable Temperature: 90°C
  • Approvals: CE Marked and manufactured in a BEAB approved factory
  • Wire Thickness: 2.7mm – 3.2mm
  • Cable Flexibility: Minimum allowable cable radius is 18mm
  • Approved in accordance with: Part L, 17th Edition IEE wiring regulations
  • IP Rating: IPX7
  • Earth protection: 100% aluminium earth shield