By choosing to install a Heat Mat underfloor heating system you are ensuring that you fit a safe and high quality product independently approved to the appropriate legislation.  Our systems are designed to meet the unique demands of the UK market and currently our undertile heating mats and cables are the only electric underfloor heating system in the world to have achieved both full BEAB and Semko system approval.


Quality Products

By fitting Heat Mat products you are ensuring that you are installing a system that has been professionally designed and thoroughly tested ready for decades of use.  From the construction of the heating cable through to the type of double-sided tape we use, we have designed every aspect of our systems to deliver a quality and simple to fit product.


Easy to install

Our underfloor heating systems are easy to install with no specialist knowledge or tools required regardless of whether you are a DIY enthusiast or professional installer.


Bespoke underfloor heating systems

Unlike many other suppliers of underfloor heating, we offer a wide variety of products to fulfil your specific needs. We do not claim that one range is suitable for all installations and, for projects that are out of the ordinary, we are happy to manufacture bespoke underfloor heating systems.


Lifetime warranties and BEAB approved

Heat Mat offer full lifetime manufacturer's warranties on all heating mat and 3mm cable products. The majority of these heating systems, along with our thermostats, are made in Denmark in BEAB approved factories. Unlike many suppliers of electric underfloor heating who have moved all of their production to the Far East or Eastern Europe, we feel that the benefits of manufacturing close to home in high-quality facilities outweigh the reduction in price.


UK based underfloor heating retailers and wholesalers

As a company we feel the reassurance members of the public receive by buying from retail and wholesale outlets is paramount and, whilst we offer full customer support direct to end users, we only supply our products through UK and Ireland based retailers and wholesalers.