Heat Mat release new infra-red temperature sensor

Heat Mat is proud to announce the release of their new infra-red temperature sensor for use with their TPS30 thermostat. This technological breakthrough allows the average surface floor temperature to be measured over a large area and is a first in the world of underfloor heating.

The use of our infra-red sensor can simplify the installation of our systems as there is no requirement to embed an external floor temperature sensor. The system also provides flexibility compared to the placement of the hard wired sensor as it can be installed up to 25m away from the thermostat. The sensor is particularly relevant to underfloor heating systems used beneath laminate, wooden and vinyl floor coverings, where the suppliers of these systems often advise the maximum safe floor surface temperature.

Ordinary floor temperature sensors simply measure the temperature beneath the floor surface, and this can vary by as much as 10°C from the floor surface itself in with these floor coverings. Using our infra-red sensor will allow the average floor temperature over a large area to be accurately measured. When placed at 1.5m height the measurement will cover an area more than 500 times that of the 1cm² area a conventional floor sensor measures beneath the flooring.

The sensor and 16Amp thermostat are IP21 rated and therefore particularly suited to bathrooms and other rooms where this rating of thermostat is required. The sensor continues Heat Mat's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological developments in the world of underfloor heating. The sensor is produced by OJ Electronics in Denmark who have been working in partnership with Heat Mat for more than three years on their various thermostats.

OJ's products are recognised worldwide for their innovative design and high quality, and they are one of the world's leading manufacturers of controls for electric underfloor heating. For more information on Heat Mat's infra-red sensor or their award winning range of BEAB approved electric underfloor heating, please call them on 01444 247020 or go to our product page Heat Mat's products are only available through UK retailers and wholesalers, and to enquire about account facilities please use the above contact details.