Heat Mat NBS Plus Clauses

Heat Mat is included in RIBA's NBS Plus specification software for Architects and Specifiers making it even easier to choose our systems as part of your project. NBS Plus clause descriptions for our underfloor heating mats, cables and control and ice and snow melting solutions can be found below:
 Clause number   Section  Detail Products  
45-55-10/385 Self smoothing levelling screed mix (NBS create)
45-45-65/410 Extruded polystyrene (XPS) board (NBS create) K11-115/125/145/225/245/295
Self-levelling Compound   Thermal Insulation Boards
43  T Floor finishes: flexible sheets, including rubber, plastics Special sheet flooring T90-475 Underfloor Heating Systems Combymat System Driveway Heating 6mm In-Screed Cable Thermostats Underfloor Heating Cable System Underfloor Heating Mat System Wall Heating Mats
 56  Space heating: T42-340 Electrical Underfloor Heating 90-40-35/495 Felxible mat electric heating elements 90-65-50/380 Air temperature sensors (NBS create) 90-40-35/492 Flexible cable electric heating elements (NBS create)
6mm In-Screed Cable Underfloor Heating Mat System Wall Heating MatsThermostatsDriveway Heating


T Mechanical heating, cooling and refrigeration Underfloor, ceiling, wall heating
90-10-85/310 Self-regulating trace heating cables (NBS create) S90-565 J21 / J31 / J41 / J42 45-35-55/310 Mirrors (NBS create) N13-438 Trace Heating Heat Mat PipeGuard   Mirror Demisters
Our systems and technical datasheets can also be found on the RIBA Product Selector.