150W Combymat System

150W heating mats for laminate, engineered wood floors or other coverings if combined with Overlay Boards.

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150W Combymat system, a versatile system suitable for floating laminate plank and engineered board floors


A versatile underfloor heating mat designed to be used beneath quality floating laminate plank and engineered board floors. There is no requirement to cover the mats with an additional levelling compound or moisture barrier, saving on build height and costs.

If Overlay Boards are installed above the Combymat system carpet, vinyl, linoleum and bonded board floors can be laid directly on top, as long as the combined Tog rating is no more than 1.8 Tog.

The Combymat features an aluminium heat dissipation layer, which creates an even heat spread across the whole floor with no cold spots.

When used with a Heat Mat thermostat they provide a fast-reacting and economic-to-use heating system.

Combymat System Features

  • Designed to provide floor warming in all rooms, and sole source heating in well-insulated areas
  • Ideal for use beneath floating laminate plank and engineered floor boards between 10 - 24mm thickness, using the traditional tongue and groove/click system as the joining mechanism
  • Integrated earth shield within the cable (unlike carbon films)
  • Dual conductor system, only one power lead per mat
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Simple cut and turn design offers many advantages over panel systems and speeds up installation
  • Must be installed with 6mm foam insulation boards
  • Use aluminium tape to cover any loose cables and secure the mats
  • A large range of standard sizes which can be mixed and matched to ensure a perfect fit
  • Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty
  • 18th Edition compliant without any additional earthing required

Under Laminate Electric Under Floor Heating Mat

Selecting the correct sized heating mats

To start with you will need to calculate the free floor area (FFA). To calculate the FFA you should measure the room to find out the total floor area. You should then subtract from this any areas where kitchen or floor-fixed furniture will be placed, or where furniture without an air gap beneath it will be positioned. Once you have taken off these areas you have your FFA. For rooms of up to 8m², we recommend choosing a combination of heating mats which cover roughly 90% of your FFA, and for rooms larger than 8m² we recommend covering up to 93% of the FFA.

Combining multiple units

Combymats are designed to be laid together with other Combymats to ensure the perfect fit every time. The mats are wired into the thermostat or junction box in parallel.

Simple and speedy installation

Heat Mat Combymats are incredibly simple to install and in large areas can take half as long to fit as a carbon or ribbon panel system. The mats can be cut and turned to ensure they fit the room perfectly, and for particularly complicated areas the cable can be stripped from the mat and laid as a loose cable. Aluminium tape must be used to cover any loose cables and also to secure the mats.

Sub-floor surfaces and insulation board

Heat Mat's 6mm Combymat insulation which must be installed beneath the system offers a good trade off between build height, cost and insulation value. For particularly badly insulated areas we recommend laying Heat Mat structural thermal insulation boards beneath the 6mm insulation layer. If there is a risk of moisture rising from the floor below you must install a damp proof membrane beneath the insulation.

Laminate plank and engineered board

This system is designed for use beneath quality floating laminate plank and engineered board floors between 10 and 24mm thick. You should always check with the supplier of your flooring that it is suitable for use with electric underfloor heating laid directly beneath it. Boards with a plastic insert between the end joints can experience more movement than standard flooring. If this is a concern Heat Mat Overlay Boards should be used.

Other floor coverings

If Overlay Boards are installed above the Combymat system then carpet, vinyl, linoleum and bonded board floors can be laid directly on top, as long as the combined Tog rating is no more than 1.8 Tog.

Energy efficient solution

Combymats are almost 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat and they can easily be powered by locally generated electricity from either photovoltaic or wind power sources. When used with Heat Mat’s intelligent thermostats they form an energy-efficient system, and they are also suitable for integration into a home/building automation system.

Technical Data for 150W/m² Combymat

  • Supply Voltage: 230V +/- 10%
  • Power Output: 150W/m²
  • Power Output Range: 150W to 2250W
  • Standard range: 1.0m²–5.0m²
  • Mat dimensions: 0.5m x 2.0m–30.0m
  • Coldtail lead: 3m double insulated cable
  • Mat thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Cable Flexibility: Minimum bend radius 25mm
  • Insulation: Fluoroploymer insulation
  • Compliant with: 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, EN60335
  • CE Marked in accordance with: EN 60335-2-96


  • General construction: Ultra-thin 1.2mm heating cable sandwiched between twin layers of aluminium 
  • Thermal conductor: Fluoropolymer coated resistance wires
  • Outer insulation: 2 Layer plastic insulation 100% waterproof rated to 90°C
  • Earth shield: Aluminium foil
  • Heat dissipation materials: Full coverage aluminium foil
  • Factory testing: 2 seconds at 2.5kV (EN30335-2-96)


Heating mats must always be controlled by a suitable electric underfloor heating thermostat, with floor temperature limitation. Heat Mat thermostats are rated to 16 Amps, and if a system exceeds this loading a suitably rated contactor should be used. The circuit must be protected by a 30mA RCD and suitably rated fuse or circuit breaker. The effectiveness of the earth screen must always be checked before installing the final floor covering or overlay boards.

150 W/m² Combymat Product Codes and Sizes

Product Code Size (m²) Length (m) Width (m) Watts (W) TSI GTIN
CBM-150-0100 1.0 2.0 0.5 150 403083462 5060424144105
CBM-150-0150 1.5 3.0 0.5 225 403083569 5060424144112
CBM-150-0200 2.0 4.0 0.5 300 403083572 5060424144129
CBM-150-0250 2.5 5.0 0.5 375 403083585 5060424144136
CBM-150-0300 3.0 6.0 0.5 450 403083637 5060424144143
CBM-150-0350 3.5 7.0 0.5 525 403083653 5060424144150
CBM-150-0400 4.0 8.0 0.5 600 403083666 5060424144167
CBM-150-0450 4.5 9.0 0.5 675 403083682 5060424144174
CBM-150-0500 5.0 10.0 0.5 750 403083718 5060424144181
CBM-150-0600 6.0 12.0 0.5 900 403083734 5060424144198
CBM-150-0700 7.0 14.0 0.5 1050 403083763 5060424144204
CBM-150-0800 8.0 16.0 0.5 1200 403083828 5060424144211
CBM-150-0900 9.0 18.0 0.5 1350 403083831 5060424144228
CBM-150-1000 10.0 20.0 0.5 1500 403083844 5060424144235
CBM-150-1200 12.0 24.0 0.5 1800 403083873 5060424144242
CBM-150-1500 15.0 30.0 0.5 2250 403083925 5060424144259


Insulation and Aluminium Tape


Product Code Product Description m² per pack TSI Code GTIN No.
CBM-INS-0006 6mm Soft Foam Insulation 6.0 403083941 5060424144457
CBM-ALU-TAPE Aluminium Tape n/a 403084005 5060424144266
ACC-TAP-DUCT Duct Tape n/a 399684137 5060424140299