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Robust In-screed and outdoor heating cable
6mm Red cable

A robust and cost effective In-screed heating cable designed for new build and major renovation projects where a 65mm screed will be laid. The cable is suitable for providing energy-efficient room heating and floor warming beneath nearly any floor covering and is fast to install and adds no build height to the construction.

In-screed heating cables provide a remarkably stable room temperature, and the screed bed can be 'charged up' over night to take advantage of cheap rate electricity, before releasing its heat into the room during the day.

  • Perfect for any situation where a new screed floor is going to be laid
  • Particularly suitable for large areas such as warehouses or sports halls; the installation time per sqm drops dramatically in rooms over 100m²
  • Benefits from being installed directly onto foil or concrete faced sub-screed insulation
  • Simple and cost effective to install, providing Heat Mat's least expensive electric underfloor heating system
  • When used with one of Heat Mat's intelligent thermostat timers provides an exceptionally energy-efficient heating system
  • 3-Phase systems and bespoke sizes of cable available if required


Underfloor heating cable systems react faster and are more energy efficient when used with an intelligent thermostat timer and are laid onto thermal insulation boards. 

Selecting the correct heating cables

To start with you will need to decide on the heat output of your heating system. For floor warming or room heating in well-insulated areas we suggest installing the cable at roughly 160W/m². For high heat loss areas, or for a faster reacting system, we recommend choosing a 200W/m² output.

Once you have chosen your desired output you should measure your room to find the total floor area. You should then subtract from this figure any areas where kitchen or bathroom furniture will be placed, or where furniture without an air gap underneath it will be positioned. Once you have subtracted these areas you have your free floor area (FFA). If you multiply the FFA by the Wattage output you have chosen you will have the total output of heating cable you require, and you should then pick the most suitable combination of heating cables to provide you with the closest combined Wattage to your required output.

Combining multiple units

In-screed heating cables are designed to be laid together to ensure the perfect fit, every time. The cables are wired into the thermostat or junction box in parallel, and it is important to ensure that all of the cables in a room are installed at roughly the same Wattage output per square meter to ensure uniform heating across the room.

Fast and efficient installation

Heat Mat in-screed heating cables are usually installed directly onto the layer of sub-screed insulation or on top of the damp proof membrane if one is fitted. The cables are fast to install and can be secured directly to reinforcement mesh by zip ties, or onto Heat Mat Heat Fix metallic strips which are secured to the base with double-sided tape or a nail gun. In rooms above 100m² the system becomes exceptionally quick to install per square meter as the cable runs are so long.

Energy-efficient heating

6mm Red heating cables are almost 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat and they can easily be powered from either photo voltaic or wind power sources. When used with Heat Mat's NGT thermostat they form a Part L compliant system, and they are also suitable for integration into a home/building automation system.

Technical Data

  • General Construction: Dual conductor wire with earth
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Coverage at 125W/m²: 1.0m²–28.2m²
  • Coverage at 150W/m²: 0.7m²20.1m²
  • Maximum Load: 22W/m
  • Maximum Cable Temperature: 90°C
  • Approvals: VDE approved and CE marked
  • Wire Thickness: 6mm
  • Cable Flexibility: Minimum allowable cable radius is 50mm
  • Output Range: 120W to 3530W
  • UV Resistance: Confirmed UV resistant by VDE test institute
  • Approved in accordance with: EN 60335-1:1998, EN60335-2-17:1999, IEC 60730
  • IP Rating: IPX7 as required by the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations


  • Thermal Conductor: Thermal Conductor: 2 x resistance 7 stranded wires insulated with 0.8mm silicon rubber (2G)
  • Additional Internal Insulation: Polyester sheath
  • Insulation Shield: Aluminium foil shield
  • Outer Insulation: PVC (105), tested to 90°C
  • Reinforcement Materials: Fibreglass wire
  • Fixing Material: Heat Fix metal bands can be used

6mm Red Heating Cable 20W/m Product Codes

Product Code Length (m) Wattage (W) Resistance () Coverage at 175W/m² c-c 12.5cm Coverage at 150W/m² c-c 15.0cm Coverage at 125W/m² c-c 17.5cm
PKC-6.0-0120 5.8 120 464 0.7m² 0.8m² 1.0m²
PKC-6.0-0220 10.0 220 265 1.3m² 1.5m² 1.8m²
PKC-6.0-0330 15.0 330 176 1.9m² 2.2m² 2.6m²
PKC-6.0-0440 20.0 440 132 2.5m² 3.0m² 3.5m²
PKC-6.0-0550 25.0 550 105 3.1m² 3.7m² 4.4m²
PKC-6.0-0640 30.0 640 89 3.6m² 4.4m² 5.1m²
PKC-6.0-0750 36.0 750 76 4.3m² 5.1m² 6.0m²
PKC-6.0-0950 44.0 950 61 5.4m² 6.5m² 7.6m²
PKC-6.0-1070 50.0 1070 54 6.1m² 7.3m² 8.6m²
PKC-6.0-1380 64.0 1380 42 7.8m² 9.4m² 11.0m²
PKC-6.0-1530 71.0 1530 38 8.7m² 10.4m² 12.2m²
PKC-6.0-1800 84.0 1800 32 10.2m² 12.2m² 14.4m²
PKC-6.0-2190 101.0 2190 26 12.4m² 14.9m² 17.5m²
PKC-6.0-2770 130.0 2770 21 15.7m² 18.8m² 22.2m²
PKC-6.0-3530 163.0 3530 16 20.1m² 24.0m² 28.2m²


Product Code Description
PRA-111-0002 25m Fixing Band
HCA-111-0008 25m Double-sided Tape