Heat Mat’s joined by iRed for Interbuild 2008

Heat Mat are delighted to announce that at Interbuild 2008 they will be joined by iRed, the country's leading specialist in thermographic inspection.

Continuing the close working relationship, the underfloor heating companies have enjoyed iRed will be on hand to demonstrate their cutting edge technology and discuss with architects, electricians and builders the full suite of services they have to offer with particular reference to electric underfloor heating.

iRed Ltd are the UK's leading specialist thermographic inspection company, who over the years have developed many unique methods for acquiring, processing and reporting on a whole range of temperature related projects. The services offered have over the last few years become integrated into accepted mainstream practices for the detection of heat loss from buildings, faults with heating systems and integrity of electrical installations. iRed is at the forefront of industry in developing an acceptable standard and methodology for producing reports in a format that satisfies the requirements of many building service / maintenance professionals. Through its' association with the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) and the United Kingdom Thermographic Association (UKTA) iRed plays a leading role in the training of thermographic engineers and providing mentoring services for customer in-house maintenance personnel.

Thermography is a term used to describe a type of photography that uses infrared radiated wavelengths to make pictures as opposed to light as in normal photographs.


Trace heating as in action. Thermographic image from iRed

Trace heating wrapped around a frozen copper pipe

  • Trace heating as in action. Thermographic image from iRed
  • Underfloor heating mats in a hallway
  • Underfloor heating mats in a hallway heating up

It can be also referred to as 'thermal imaging' or 'infrared'. Any object that has a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15oC or 0 Kelvin) emits infrared wavelengths. Thermography is the production of thermal (heat) pictures from these wavelengths, whereby temperature measurements of the underfloor heating systems can be made. iRed utilises state of the art infrared imaging cameras that can measure emitted infrared wavelengths. The cameras convert emitted infrared wavelengths into a real time full colour video display and digital photographs. Whether you are trying to detect leaking roofs, broken under floor heating systems, missing wall insulation or loose connections within a mains electrical circuit, thermography is a perfect non-invasive and cost effective tool for providing readily understandable images/reports. There can be enormous cost savings over other techniques which may require exploratory holes to be made in the building fabric, or system shutdowns to check electrical installations. Thermography is also used as a condition monitoring tool to provide predictive evidence of failure for industrial applications across a wide range of plant and machinery. Heat Mat is proud to work with a cutting edge company like iRed who perfectly compliment our belief in using technologically advanced solutions to create safe and cost effective products and solutions.

For further information about the above please email Heat Mat at sales@heatmat.co.uk or call 01444 247020. To contact iRed directly please call 0845 3704733 or go to www.ired.ltd.uk