Bespoke heating for any species

Raising the temperature at Dartmoor

We have heated a huge range of domestic and commercial projects with our premium underfloor heating systems, but some of our bespoke commissions recently have been for a different species of customer!

At Dartmoor Zoo we turned up the heat for a variety of animals (and the staff), providing heating systems within enclosures, under rocks and in the canteen. We worked with the zoo to devise a series of appropriate systems to heat a number of animal shelters, improving their wellbeing and the experience for visitors by ensuring animals were visible throughout the day.

We helped Tapirs stay warm in winter with an underfloor heating system in two adjacent enclosures. The endangered South American mammals were struggling with the unpredictable and chilly British weather, so the Zoo (made famous in the 2011 film 'We bought a Zoo') approached us to help improve the shelters for these largely nocturnal creatures and achieve a snug floor temperature closer to the climate found in their native habitat.

The two 3.4m2 pens were divided in half for the installation of Thermal Insulation Boards and high powered 200W Underfloor Heating Mats under non-slip tiles.

To keep the Capybara out of the cold and encourage Jaguars into the open during the day we also devised bespoke heating solutions for their enclosures. We again installed 200W Underfloor Heating Mats on top of our Thermal Insulation boards for the Capybara providing them with a warm shelter.

In the Tamarin Monkey area we heated sections of an old Landrover the monkey's use to jump and lie on. Thermal Insulation Boards were fitted on top of the bonnet, in the driver's compartment and on the roof. At the back of the vehicle we installed specialist 7mm cables, covered in latex with an aluminium sheet finish.

A similar system was used to help encourage Lion's to sit on a modified van. We installed Thermal Insulation Boards and external heating cables under a concrete structure to encourage the Lions to lounge on top.

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South American Tapir