110W heating mats are now available

Following an increase in enquiries for lower wattage electric underfloor heating systems we have introduced a new range of 110 W/m² heating mats. As building regulations evolve and energy efficiency improves in properties throughout the UK demand for a lower output cable will increase.

By introducing a third mat into our core electric underfloor heating range we can offer even greater flexibility to our customers. The mats are currently a special order item, for further information please contact us or call our technical team on 01444 247020.

The 110W mats are available in a variety of sizes:

PKM-110-0110110W0.5m x 1.1m2
PKM-110-0140140W0.5m x 1.4m2
PKM-110-0200210W0.5m x 2.0m2
PKM-110-0310300W0.5m x 3.1m2
PKM-110-0410410W0.5m x 1.1m2
PKM-110-0490500W0.5m x 4.9m2
PKM-100-0580600W0.5m x 5.8m2
PKM-110-0700720W0.5m x 7.0m2
PKM-110-0830850W0.5m x 8.3m2
PKM-110-0900940W0.5m x 9.0m2
PKM-110-10301000W0.5m x 10.3m2
PKM-110-11501150W0.5m x 11.5m2


Read the 110W heating mat factsheet.