We have introduced a new heating mat: Heat MatPV

We have introduced a new heating mat: Heat MatPV

Our new heating mat, Heat MatPV is designed to maximise the benefits of photovoltaic panels (PV) and micro-generated electricity.

This innovative new electric underfloor heating system is ideal for well-insulated properties and utilises ‘free’ electricity produced from PV. The dual-output mat has two circuits, allowing the system to be run at a low or high output, depending on the amount of PV-generated electricity available and the building’s energy efficiency.
A 15m2 room area can be heated per kW of renewable energy by running the system on a single circuit at 75W/m2. An additional circuit is integrated into the mat boosting it to double the output (150W/m2) for a faster warm-up time. 

The award winning, VDE approved, system is manufactured in Germany and is simple to install without increasing build height. It can be integrated into a Part L compliant heating system. The system can also be run from mains electricity at anytime or prior to PV installation. 

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Heat MatPV Electric Underfloor heating mat