Underfloor heating to help a family in York

Underfloor heating to help a family in York

We have supplied electric underfloor heating for a charity renovation project in York.

Here is the Parker's story...

Mark has served 18 years in the electrical industry.  He lives with his wife Lisa, in their home in York with their 7 year old daughter Lily, 2 year old son Ben and 6 year old son Max who is severely disabled. Max's disabilities mean he spends a lot of time down in his playroom on the floor and this led the Electrical Industries Charity to contact Heat Mat about providing underfloor heating for his bedroom and play room.

Max was born very prematurely at 26 weeks gestation. At 1 year old he was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Chronic Lung Disease. Max cannot see or communicate, he is wheelchair bound and unable to do anything for himself requiring his parents to lift him up and down the stairs and making the bedroom he shares with his brother very cramped due to medical equipment.

Mark and Lisa have been awarded a Disabled Facilities Grant of £30k for a full two storey extension to their home to enable a through floor lift to be built, which will transport Max up to his bedroom and wet room. The total cost of the adaptation works is over £80K. Through savings, a council loan and other charitable initiatives the family has raised a further £24k, however Mark and Lisa are now left with a shortfall of £26K, which the Electrical Industries Charity has agreed to meet.

"When Max out of his wheelchair he loves playing on the ground and it’s a simple pleasure that we want to help him with. In the next five weeks we are pulling together a group of volunteers to finish of the house," says Tessa Ogle, MD of the charity.

The charity asked Edmundson Electrical Wholesalers and their suppliers (including Heat Mat) to help by donating products to complete the renovation work. We are delighted to be involved.