New thermostats for 2015.

New thermostats for 2015.

We now offer the NGTouch and the neoStat-e with our electric underfloor heating systems.

The NGTouch

A simple to use touchscreen thermostat

The NGTouch is a colour touchscreen thermostat designed with the following benefits:

  • The ability to program 4 or 6 events per day to suit your routine
  • A number of easy to use lifestyle 'modes' such as comfort mode which overrides the system and allows manual programming for extra heat as and when needed, or holiday mode which switches the system on in time for your return from a trip away
  • An energy monitor providing use data per week, month or year in £'s and pence
  • Lifetime Warranty on all versions

This product is exclusive to Heat Mat and was co-created with OJ Electronics in Denmark.

The neoStat-e

Wireless touch button thermostat

The neoStat-e allows your underfloor heating to be controlled remotely from a smartphone via the neo app (if used in conjunction with a neoHub).

neoStat-e benefits include:

  • Simple to use, touch button thermostat
  • The neoHub allows you to control your system via a smartphone app
  • Geo location can detect when you are in or out of the property to know when to switch UFH on or off
  • Available in black, white or silver

This thermostat is compatible with almost any electric underfloor heating, like all Heat Mat thermostats.

Visit our thermostat range page for more information.


The NGTouch thermostat home screen

The NGTouch is a simple to use, touchscreen thermostat.

  • The NGTouch thermostat home screen
  • The neoStat-e with wireless hub