Earthed Heating Systems

Earthed heating systems come in three forms, 100% earth shielded products, earthed products and products with a separate earthing shield or grid.

A 100% earth shielded product is created when the live wires carrying the mains current are completely surrounded by an earthing braid or aluminium sheet, and these products are suitable to be installed in bathrooms and similar areas without the requirement for any extra protection.

All Heat Mat’s underfloor heating systems are 100% earth shielded for complete peace of mind and safety.

Earthed products simply have an earth wire running alongside the wires carrying the electricity and these products have to have additionally earthing grids or protection installed above them if they are used in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Products with a separate earth shield usually come in the form of fluoropolymer coated wires beneath an aluminium sheet that can be connected to the earth in your property. These systems are suitable for use beneath some floating floors however if they are a cut and turn system a large amount of care must be taken when installing them that the electrical connections between each separate section of the earthing sheet are made correctly. Heat Mat recommend if installing this type of system that a qualified electrician is present to check these connections are made correctly as there is no way to check them once the floor covering is installed.