i-primer is a revolutionary product designed to allow electric underfloor heating to operate even more efficient. i-primer is an acrylic, co-polymer based primer, containing a revolutionary compound developed by Thermilate Europe. The Thermilate compound is composed of thousands of small, sub-200 micron, spheres that each contain a partial vacuum that is a very efficient insulator. These spheres create a solid film that acts as an insulating layer due to it's low thermal conductivity and, when this is used beneath electric underfloor heating, this acts as an efficient form of insulation.

Thermilate is a NASA Technology Product and has also been featured on the BBC's Tomorrows World and has been tested by many leading facilities around the world.

Independent tests have confirmed that i-primer can reduce heat loss and energy consumption by up to 20%, benefiting your pocket and the environment by reducing your electricity usage.

Heat Mat offer i-primer as an individual product and also as a constituent of their Pro Heat cable kits.