Thermal Tilebacker Board

Thermal tilebacker board is a thin insulation layer that is placed beneath the underfloor heating to increase its efficiency and minimise its warm up time. Heat Mat only supply structural insulation board that is cement coated so it will not warp or crush during installation.

The thermal insulation board is available in thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm with 10mm and 20mm boards offering a good trade off between thicknesses and insulation quality. 10mm boards can be glued and screwed down to wooden floor boards to strengthen them for tiling, rather than using marine ply, and all boards offer good sound proofing qualities.

Some companies offer non-structural boards for use beneath underfloor heating and although these are cheaper to buy they do not offer the long term floor stability of a structural board. Heat Mat do not recommend any of their systems for installation onto soft installation apart from the Underlaminate Heating System which is designed for installation in this way.