Underfloor Heating – Carbon Film

Carbon films were originally used as ceiling heating however they have been used as underfloor heating for many years.  Carbon films benefit from being exceptionally thin, as little as 1mm thick for a standard panel, however they very rarely include an integrated earth for safety.

Most carbon films have to have an additional plastic insulation layer laid above them to make them meet the basic electrical requirements for safety, which adds to the cost and trouble of installing the system.  Carbon films are particularly inflexible and can not be cut and turned like a conventional heating mat which can lead to unheated areas within each room if the free floor space is complicated.

When installing systems beneath carpet Heat Mat recommend heating mats beneath a levelling compound, and for underlaminate floors we recommend our underlaminate heater with aluminium heat dissipation layer.  These systems offer major advantages over carbon film used beneath these floor constructions as, in addition to full earthing, these systems offer a far better heat dissipation effect.

This is particularly important when anything that blocks the heat is placed onto the floor as with Heat Mat's systems the heat can spread out from beneath the item, where as with carbon films beneath carpet there is virtually no sideways heat movement which can lead to very high temperatures beneath the item.