Underfloor Heating – Electric Systems

Electric underfloor heating systems are supplied in many different formats but, essentially, they all work on the principle of a heating element with a fixed resistance that is laid beneath the floor covering. When the thermostat turns the system on an electrical current is passed to the wire and the element rapidly heats up due to it’s resistance.

Electric systems are particularly suitable for small areas (under 20m2) and for situations where you require a fast warm up time. Additionally, quality electric systems normally add no build height to your room so they do not cause uneven floor levels when they are installed.

Another advantage of electric systems is that they can be powered by 100% renewable sources resulting in no Co2 emissions at all. Anyone can achieve this by paying a small amount extra for their electricity to receive it form a renewable energy source.

There are no ongoing maintenance costs with electric underfloor heating systems and they do not suffer from clogged manifolds and pipes as wet systems can. If you are installing underfloor heating in individual rooms in your house or as a renovation project electric systems will invariably be less expensive to install and run.