Preparing your floor for electric underfloor heating:

  1. The floor base itself should be secure and strengthened for tiling or your final floor covering required. If tiling onto floor boards or another unsecured surface consult your tiler for information on the best way to secure the floor. This would normally involve laying chipboard or Heat Mat Thermal Tilebacker Boards onto your floor boards and securing them appropriately.

  2. Sweep your floor thoroughly to ensure that it is free from any debris or sharp items which could damage your heating system. If the floor is badly insulated, you desire a faster reaction, or you wish to conserve energy we recommend using Heat Mat Thermal Underfloor Insulation Boards.

  3. Once your floor surface is clean, prime the floor with a primer appropriate to the tile adhesive or levelling compound you are going to use. This will usually be a PVA primer. Whichever primer you use, no difference will be made to the heating efficiency of you system. Once the primer has dried you are ready to start laying your Heat Mat system. Heat Mat supplies both primer and self-levelling compound.