Mirror Heaters – an inexpensive luxury

Although Heat Mat is well known for its underfloor heating, not so many of our customers are aware of our fantastic mirror demisters

These simple to fit heaters sit behind your mirror gently warming it to ensure it remains condensation free after a bath or shower. Heat Mat's mirror heaters are very energy efficient, with the most popular size using only 36W per hour, less than half the energy usage of the leading alternative and a third of the energy of a 10W light bulb. 

Mirror heaters are usually wired up through the lighting circuit and therefore automatically heat up when the bathroom is in use. Mirror demisters are suitable for nearly all types of mirrors and they are available in a number of sizes to ensure you can get the perfect coverage for your mirror, every time.  Alternatively, you can fit a mirror heater which is significantly smaller than your mirror to provide an arty look with a clear rectangle in the centre of the mirror, and a misted up border. Mirror heaters are becoming standard in good quality hotels; however the cost of purchasing one for your home is remarkably low.  The cost for a 40 x 45cm heater is less than £50; great value for a permanently condensation free mirror! mirror heater