Electric Wall Heating Mats

Thinking laterally about heating solutions

Wall heating mats offer another space saving solution for developers

The scope and application of electric underfloor heating continues to open up opportunities across construction – from new builds to `novel` installs such as that at the refurbished Hastings Pier, where our 160W mats proved the perfect solution.

The practicality of electric underfloor heating (its lightness in the case of the Pier, where weight issues prohibited a wet system) is the very reason architects and contractors are now viewing it from a different angle, literally.

In bathrooms, heating the wall behind towel rails presents a highly efficient alternative and is proving increasingly popular in new-build hotels and apartments.

In wet rooms and showers, electric wall heating ensures surfaces (including mirrors) dry quickly while remaining comfortably and safely warm to the touch. Wall heating mats will also provide added ambient heating when other sources are impracticable, such as heated towel rails or traditional radiators.

Wall systems, with their pre-spaced and fully earthed heating cabling, are quick and easy to install and distribute heat uniformly across surfaces.

Heat Mat stocks a wide range of standard sizes (in 160W and 200W outputs) and will customise as required, with bespoke sizes and extended coldtails manufactured to short lead times.

Hand-made in Denmark in our BEAB-approved factory and CE marked, our wall heating mats are constructed using the same robust and superior quality cable as our heating mats. Depending on the nature of the project and the final wall covering, the mats will then be tested at our UK head office - all part of our commitment to quality control for a system of electric heating gathering pace across the sector.

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Wall heating mat in a bathroom


Wall heating mats can be positioned behind rails on bathroom walls to dry towels instead of hot towel rails, this application is ideal for hotels.