Heat Mat’s Market Leading Lifetime Warranted Under-tile Heating Cable Design

After more than two decades of development we believe that our Heat Mat heating cable really is the strongest and most robust under-tile heating cable on the market.

It has a unique blend of features including its robust PVC anti-crush jacket which protects against damage during installation; this material is far more restive to crushing, cutting and scuffing than fluoropolymer/Teflon alternatives. The 100% earth shield and high-load earth drain wire ensure robust electrical protection and the kevlar anti-stretch filaments ensure that the cable can't be stretched and damaged during installation.

We use a spun litzer-style construction for our heating wires to ensure they aren't strained as they bend around corners and the heating elements are completed surrounded by extruded fluoropolymer insulation for 200 degree protection.

To top it all off our 4m coldtails continue the safety theme with 100% earth shielding for safety.

Every part of our heating cable is designed with safety and quality in mind. This construction minimises the risk of damage during installation and helps give us the confidence to offer our industry leading no-quibble Lifetime Warranty.

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Heat Mat's Market Leading Undertile Heating Cable